Thursday, June 06, 2013

Everything Wrong With Superman Returns

Watch this and you can impress your friends who go to the comic book store every Tuesday.


Gayeld said...

You say that like it's a bad thing.

And it's not every Tuesday. Every fifth one is a skip week, or else they'd have to put out 13 issues a year instead of twelve.

Not that I've ever been in a comic book shop or once held the record for the largest dollar amount spent at once in that store or anything.

*slamming closet door* Nothing to see here folks.

trainrides said...

And this is the part where I fall in love with you @Gayeld

Merlin D. Bear said...

Honestly, I had such high hopes for this film when it came out...
(Yes, I wear my fan boy cape proudly)...only to have them smashed during viewing.
Because, after all there are indeed 3 basic truths anyone can tell you about Superman.
1) He's from Krypton. (I will accept "another planet" for those non geeks)
2) He's invulnerable.
3) There is an undeniable magnetism between himself and Lois Lane.

They got 1 & 2 right, however the Einsteins behind casting neglected #3. Badly.
First, Lois Lane as a blonde? No.
Not in the history of the comic, the TV series, animated series or any other Superman movie.
Second, Kate Bosworth as Lois??
Hollywood pharmaceuticals are obviously better than any place else on Earth.
All that being said, I'm planning on seeing the latest reboot, and again have high hopes for the franchise to be resurrected.
But, I'm honestly not holding my breath.

Marieeee said...

@Gayeld, you may be my favorite person on this entire site.

Seachica said...

I was forewarned, and skipped this movie. Thank you, Enty, for not neglecting my education.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Brandon Routh couldn't act.
John Ottman was a poor choice to compose the music instead of John Williams.
Too long.
Stalker Superman.
Shaggy haired kids in superhero movies are annoying.
Parker Posey's poodle wig.
It put me to sleep.

GemTwist said...

........I go to the comic book store every Tuesday. My daughter got a My Little Pony comic this week and the guy at the register said, 'Nice to see someone who's actually supposed to be reading My Little Pony buying this'.

ForSure said...

I will boycott this movie simply because the sponsored tie-ins have been so tacky and annoying in the last few weeks, especially WalMart's involvement. If you can pay to sponsor this movie, you can pay your employees a better wage and stop forcing them to apply for welfare because you refuse to give them benefits so you can give a view more pennies to the billionaire Walton family. No thanks.

Gayeld said...

LOL! Don't love me too much. I had finally had to make a choice between a house payment and the comic book habit, I cut the comic books loose (well, except for the 20 large boxes of them hiding in my closet.)

Plus, at that point I was really disgusted with both DC and Marvel. It had become all about finding ways to make the consumer buy multiple copies of the same issue (five covers for the same story ring any bells? "The Death of Superman" sealed in a plastic bag, so you had to buy 2 of them to keep one mint [I have 10, there, I admit it.]) The started taking all of the joy out of it. But God, before that I loved my little out of the way shops, the ones where I was always the only girl and knew more than the guys did. That little pawn shop in Winton, where I got my second hand comics 2 for 25 cents...

Gayeld said...

And this is why I stopped going to see any comic book movies for the longest time.

Seriously, Rogue and no Kitty Pryde? Really? Jessica Alba as Sue Storm? By the time this movie came out they were posting my picture in the theatre lobby. "Don't Let This Woman Into The Comic Book Movies."

a non a miss said...

I went to see this movie at midnight!! The producers owe me money, I was too mad to sleep that night.

Ramone Love said...

I happened to like Superman Returns. That is all.

Its just U said...

I also liked Superman Returns. I did NOT like Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane though. At all.

Jenn said...

Comic Book Day is Wednesday at least here. There's also, Free Comic Book Day, which is in May, and is awesome as it sounds.

I'm not into Superman. He's like alien God. All powerful, yet causes more problems than he solves. Nope, give me Wolverine or Swamp Thing. They're flawed and weird and one is played by Hugh Jackman.

killgrave said...

That was a very good video and covered many things that disappointed me about the movie. Not to mention Richard White often came across more heroic than Superman. Oh well, I'm all set for the British, briefless Superman.

April said...

This movie annoyed me as well (though I suppose it's no worse than Superman 3 or 4).

Superman's a deadbeat dad, Lois is an anorexic college student, I was so excited at the Kevin Spacey casting until I heard all the things they had him say. It was just so very boring and disappointing when I first saw it that I never felt the urge to rewatch. The only thing I can give it is I loved the production design (to a point as things often seemed very dim) and it was better than Smallville (which I wasted more time on than I care to admit).

I really have high hopes for the reboot, but am trying to keep my expectations manageable.


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