Thursday, August 04, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Mr. X

May 3, 2016

Met Gala

What two TV hosts greeted each other by each doing a double barrel salute? How classy… Don’t worry folks, this is just the beginning of this feud.

Andy Cohen/Michael Strahan


MontanaMarriott said...

AC probably coming to the defense of his hag Miz Ripa.

sandybrook said...

Michael Strahan could kill him. He better be careful how he plays.

Aug said...

Andy is Kelly's Gay BFF & wants Michael's old job. That show is getting as bad as the View, wonder how long it will last now.

Studio54 said...

Miss Andy will finish off that show if he gets on.

b626 said...

Andy knows details we don't.
From only one side.
Strahan's no angel
but happy for him.
He escaped.

AllyC said...

True. Strahan is no angel but Andy is the worst ever. Wendy Williams made a comment on the Houswives franchise once on her show and Andy tried to ban any celebs from going on her show. He's a nasty, spiteful one. Never mind the YEARS she promoted him and his shows. Ungrateful POS!


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