Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ask Jenna Elfman Questions About Anything Except Scientology

Reddit AMAs are most fun when something goes wrong or when celebrities answer everything posed to them. What people really dislike is when in an Ask Me ANYTHING, celebrities ignore the anything part. Jenna Elfman of Dharma & Greg fame held an AMA about her new sitcom Imaginary Mary, which premiered last night on ABC. She answered a lot of complimentary questions, but refused to answer any questions about Scientology. Here, is the thing. If you are so proud of being a Scientologist and think, that despite its horrible reputation ou still embrace it and give them a ton of your money, don't you think should be able to talk about it with people? The fact you won't, speaks volumes. Jenna probably was on the other end of the computer doing one of her famous freak outs and screaming and yelling at people. I wouldn't be surprised if she just bailed on the thing and let some PR person do the thing.

The only questions Elfman responded to were questions submitted by people who had joined the site within the past hour preceding the AMA. So, yes Sea Org members.


MontanaMarriott said...

Actually it debut some time ago but it's not very funny. Rachel Dratch who I liiiike is not being utilized to her most funniest.

Maia said...

I think it was more likely her friends and family who weren't aware of how much Reddit hates fakers. Especially on an AMA. I don't think any PR person would have run things so poorly and most Seaorg wouldn't be on the internet. Also, being in Scientology, friends and family would not be aware of how high profile the abuses and policies of the church are these days.

I'm surprised she didn't ask the Scientology query posters if they had raped a baby. She's deep inside the brainwashing.

Sea Borg said...

Lol that picture of her laser eyes. Scientology is only a "religion " so they can have tax exempt status. Revoke their tax exemption and make that hustler missy crabitch pay taxes for his giant Ponzi scheme.

police dog said...

AND the scary thing is the reason they got that tax exempt status is because of what they did to the people that worked at the IRS...collecting sensitive info and personal on them....even the LAPD turns a blind eye.

they need to be brought down permanently.

Wendy said...

Her show is terrible. I watched two episodes and stopped because it was so boring.

OKay said...

I really liked the pilot! But yeah, the jury's still out on whether this show is a series recording.


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