Friday, April 14, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 16, 2016

No one even knew that this A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show was friends with this A- list singer/rapper. He used to have his career financed by members of a drug cartel while she slept with some top guys from it. They know each other very well.

Sofia Vergara/Pitbull


Salaam said...

I heard this story before. It wasn't a surprise.

sandybrook said...

Or they travelled in the same company while living in Miami like the Estefans or people who worked for Univision. I mean who would expect famous Hispanic people living in Miami to reach out, support and become friends with each other (especially if one was an up-and-comer and the other was a big star on Hispanic tv)?

Melissa said...

She named her son Manolo for fucks sake and she FULLY admits it because she was obsessed with Scarface at the time.
No shocker here.

dianavonthirstybird said...

I have only seen Pit Bull once, on JLo's On The Floor video. That said, I find the tiny Cuban terror very talented. Long may he reign. Didn't she also date Carlos Slim? Just askin'.

Bill said...

And Colombian drug lord Andrés López.

OKay said...

It's pretty well known how Sofia got her leg up in show biz, as it were, and there are lots of rumours about Pitbull as well. It's not like it's just not possible for them to be connected by a cartel.


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