Thursday, April 13, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

April 5, 2017

Before and after and event for her company, this B- list actress who doesn’t really act much any longer was not particularly nice to fans or her hosts. It was only during the event when the cameras were focused on her that she pretended to care.

Jessica Alba


longtimereader said...

Well if you are worth that much then politeness goes out the window i guess. Still, how many 'hottest woman in world' stars have the nous to make that much in business? Respect.

Jessica said...

She been doing make overs at Target stores in the mid west since they carry her cosmentics.

Melissa said... if she was ever spoken about in a positive light? Everything said about her begins and ends with 'shes a bitch'.
She looks like one anyways, pretty girl, nasty ass bitch face for no reason, always seemed ungrateful and rude.

Hortensia said...

She was at Target today in a very upscale neighborhood, giving make-overs to those with conspicuous wealth.

Dee said...

Don't respect too quickly, take a look at some of the lawsuits and complaints over her crappy products.


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