Thursday, April 13, 2017

Your Turn

Childhood injuries? Emergency room visits as a child?


JustReading said...

skull fracture, hospitalized for 10 days
kid pushed me down on the playground

sandybrook said...

Just an eye operation which didn't really work and to take out my tonsils, both before I was 6 and no visits ever since.

Lurky McLurkster said...

I broke my thumb and ripped off a ligament during a swim race

First Time Your Turn-er said...

Car accident when I was 8. Drunk driver hit us. My friend & her brother and I were in her grandmother's old car with inaccessible seat belts. Don't remember the accident but I was thrown into the door and remember waking up when the EMTs (one reason I am one today) opened the door into the cold February air. Last thing I remember was listening to Culture Club on a cassette player. Concussion, 72 stitches down to my skull (14 on the surface), and still have a bitchin scar. Never stopped wearing a seat belt after that, tho...

david said...

I was a 16 year old teen (does that count?) working for the Local Catholic church digging foundations for headstones at the church cemetery.
We were done for the day.
As one of my co-workers was cleaning out the back of the church's dump truck, he lifted a rubber barrel to drop it over the side of the truck.
Me -- being a stupid teen I was -- reacted to "catch" the half full barrel so as to not lose any dry cement.
Stupidest thing i ever did.
The barrel hit the ground because i couldn't "catch" it. Dry cement shot up into my face, getting into my eyes, etc.
The guys brother then grabbed my arm and said, "Run with me!"
I did. the nearest water faucet was about half way across the cemetery.
He told me to kneel and began forcing water into my eyes.
Later at the hospital, the doctor said that was the smartest thing that happened.
He said the lye in the cement would have caused me to go blind within hours if that guy hadn't done that.
I owe 'Patrick' for saving my vision.

NotThatBeth said...

Truly a clumsy, accident prone kid:
Fell out of a tree, stitches in head - 5.
Fell out of a different tree, ER trip but nothing wrong - 8.
Fell from a neighbor's garage roof - 9 ish.
Bike accident, concussion - 12.
Bike accident, stitches in leg - 13.
The list is really long, and not kidding. Nearly every trip had to do with me climbing and falling off of something, or a bicycle and the ground meeting me abruptly. I knew every nook and cranny of the local emergency room.

I'm still accident prone with a trip about every couple years; now I spread it out among the local hospitals. The trips still mostly involve my own clumsiness and refusal to believe that gravity works. Every. Single. Time.

Marlo said...

Broke my left arm falling from the monkey bars at 6 and the right arm slipping by a pool at 9.
It made me ambidextrous, which is weird.

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

I ate too many marshmallow Peeps one Easter, and they formed a giant lump in my belly that required my stomach being pumped. You'd have thought I'd learned my lesson, but the following year I was right back in the ER for a medical enema to clear a different blockage.

Alistdiva said...

Hit my chin off a stone fireplace when I was 2, and have had a scar on it ever since!

Cookies said...

Fell out of the top bunk one hot night and broke my arm when I was 8. Sister was in the lower bunk and even though I woke the neighbours with my screaming, she never woke until the next morning.

WickedBee said...

Nope. I was the lucky sibling.

My sister stepped on glass and sliced her foot open. Same sister fell on a toy and sliced her chin open. Same sister fell down stairs and broke her nose. All required stitches and hospitalization.

Other sister was a rugby player and had a large girl land on her head. Knocked out cold and in the hospital for a week.

Brother was laying on his bed, our dog jumped up and tore open his top eyelid.

All disgusting to witness.

just sayin\' said...

at 3, was curious what would happen if i stuck my big toe between the spokes of my tricycle while it was moving. still have the scar (and luckily both big toes).

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Chipped a tiny bit of one of my wabbit front teeth at the slides (you can barely see the chip now). I ended up drawing about the slides in my pink elephant notebook that my father/my parents got me. Technically my first comic. ♥

I don't remember getting "injured" much, but I remember getting ill a lot. Especially migraines.

Scandi Sanskrit said...


Dana said...

I tried to jump a dumpster on my 10 speed an flew about 7ft and skinned my hands terribly and knees...we didn't go to the hospital -8 yrd. At 11 I tried to slide down the Bannister like the weight watchers lady and plummeted 11 ft on the marble floor and my mom was more concerned about the hospital visit then either just a note excusing me from gym for a week


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