Friday, April 21, 2017

Blind Item #12

All the answers this week to the blind items are people who have never previously been an answer to a blind in the past decade.

He is American born but his name makes him sound like he was born in another country. His Hollywood wives are almost more famous than he is. He has a ton of credits. Mostly movies because even when he does television it is always made for tv stuff. Anyway, the reason he divorced his most recent actress wife is that our actor decided to try his hand at directing and took it upon himself personally to audition every actress in town for the sex scene.


meagain said...

Hail Viagra. How does anyone get work done in Hollywood. All they seem to do is have sex and take drugs.

OKay said...

Sounds like quite the life, if you can manage it. :)

Tiny Dancer said...

Giovanni Ribisi

Sd auntie said...


Ipoopalot said...

Nah. Are his wives more famous? I only know of one marriage?


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