Friday, April 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 18, 2016

This former A list television actor turned B list movie actor turned continually failing B list television actor was trying to convince some people the other day at a talk show that the pills he was taking were vitamins. No one is buying it. Our actor, who has A list name recognition was strung out and needs rehab again.

Matthew Perry


JustReading said...

"Vitamins" and "Vicodin" sound very similar. Maybe someone misheard. /s

sandybrook said...

This is probably why he's on 2 series at once right now, even if one of them is an awful mess of a remake--hes strung out

lmao said...

Something is def off with him. I saw him on an interview recently, and he sounded very different as he was practically slurring his words...I know voices change a bit as we age, so I wasn't expecting Chandler Bing-but he sounded like he'd had a stroke. Very odd.

OKay said...

Dammit, Perry, get your shit together!

Tiff said...

It's stronger than Vicodin. Most don't slur words like that. I saw him on The Good Fight (which is a great show) and couldn't stand listening to him speak. Absolutely awful. It sounds like a stroke. If not, something very heavy.

SissyGirl said...

+10000 such a wast because he's so good at playing vilains !! i was also very disturbed to see him like this in the Good Fight, but i'm afraid he'll never recover from his pills addiction,which started almost 25 years ago, so sad..maybe that's also why he can't keep a woman by his side longer than 2 years


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