Saturday, April 22, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 15, 2017

Any young man fan boying for this former A- list singer reality star who crashed and burned in the most dramatic way is sent to her father for an introduction. He says it is to check out new talent. His talent search sure does include a whole lot of touching.

Ashlee Simpson/Pimpa Joe


sandybrook said...

Do the fan boys know Asslee is married or do they actually know Joe likes young boys and that's what they are really after?

AndrewBW said...

Why in God's name would anyone even want Ashlee Simpson?

Guesser said...

You could be right ,they need it for the paper trail. He has a photography/modeling business he runs, and his clients are all teens. (Girls too.)

meagain said...


Hot Cola said...

Anybody idiot enough to get near Pimpa Jo without googling about him first, deserves the education he will get.


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