Friday, April 21, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 14, 2017

We know this tool of a barely relevant celebrity is hooking up with a former nanny and they are trolling for women on a sugar daddy site even though he really doesn’t have any money. What is surprising to me is that his soon to be ex is actually already hooking up with a guy who has been staying over most nights.

Stephen Belafonte/Mel B


Do Tell said...

And now the nanny is suing Mel B for defamation, one of the tabloid sites is saying.

sandybrook said...

Yep Mel's getting sued

Melissa said...

The whole fucking lot of 'em.
Mel is a real piece of work, all up in arms and afraid of her abusive husband but already shaking up with some other dude?
She is nasty.
Went from raw doggin Eddie Murphy to this loser, bitch doesnt have a brain cell to her name.
Goes to show, again, money cannot and does not buy class.

Meg00m said...

Nailed it. (Lol I've always wanted to be able to say that!)

Guet said...

I I thought THIS was a template site

Maxy said...

Long before this Belafonte story, I had heard from my lezzie movers & shakers in Hollywood that Mel likes the ladies. She has been hooking up with women (too?) for years. Even had a steady GF for a while.

Tiff said...

Good for her. He's a menace.


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