Monday, April 24, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 30, 2016

One best friend is pretty much out the door which opened a door for a new butt kisser/baby sitter for a Teen Mom. Enter someone who will probably be selling stories to the tabloids in a few months, but for now, knows her job is to baby sit all day and night and to post photos to social media under the Teen Mom’s account to make it look like the Teen Mom was there when she wasn’t. The old best friend/baby sitter? She wouldn’t share her drugs with the Teen Mom because the Teen Mom always mooched and never bought her own. Apparently if you want to party with the Teen Mom you need to bow down to her and share.

Jenelle Evans/Tori Rhyne


Candy Crowleys Etiquette Advisor said...

Why do we keep having Teen Mom blinds?

sandybrook said...

Jenelle is wasting her share of the earth's oxygen.

Bobbi Newhart said...

Stop trying to make these Teen Sluts famous. They're not and they shouldn't be.

Sarah said...

I hate them too (I've never even watched a full episode) but they are famous, unfortunately. One of MTVs biggest shows. Just like Real Housewives, there are going to be blinds about them. I tend to try and skip.


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