Sunday, October 22, 2017

Blind Item #5

This royal sounding former reality star who has dated some real losers now makes a ton of money doing something other than what made her famous in the first place. One of her most recent partners is a former A+ list singer from an A list group. He is married. She is seeing someone else. They still have been hooking up almost nonstop. When she did a gig for a shopping channel they had sex in the dressing room. Apparently that was a first for the channel.


Snootches said...

DJ Paris Hilton (she's seeing The Leftover's Chris Zylta) but I can't put my finger on who her dressing room hookup could be. Someone from NSYNC or BSB??

zerooptions said...

He gots the infection now!

Cee Kay said...

Paris Hilton isn't "royal sounding" at all. Is there a Queen something anywhere in reality TV?

sandybrook said...

Did Lady Victoria Hervey ever do reality TV in UK?

Sd Auntie said...

I think I saw Liz Hurley on the shopping channel but I was half asleep. She has so many boyfriend, husbands and side pieces that I really do not know who she is dating.

monteverde said...

Lady V was on a reality Ski jumping show (yeah, I know), but she is neither making tons of money at anything, nor did she ever make tons of money, with anything that made her famous. She's 'famous' for her heritage and family background.
She has always been a failure at everything she tried, poor thing. She should have just followed her younger sister's example and gotten married when young and hot to some other European blue blood, and gone off to raise kiddies. She's bit tragic really.
There is no mentioning of foreign born, so I suppose it's got to be an American. Royal sounding name, throws me off.
Kimberly Stewart?


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