Friday, October 20, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 13, 2017

One person who came, but was not invited to an event was the girlfriend of this B+ list celebrity offspring who is an actor/jack of all trades. His mom, who has A+ list name recognition does not approve of the girlfriend. The girlfriend can't be stopped though in always managing to get through any obstacles in her path.

Jaden Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith


sandybrook said...

I bet she doesn't like the the girls mother Pamela Adlon is a better actress and works more than she does. And why all of a sudden is Jaden straight again? He's so confused.😥

NoraRose said...

Off topic but do we know if the KARASHIANS actually gave a Million Dollars to PUERTO RICO? Or was it just a bogus pledge?

alphacranberry said...

When you let your children raise themselves, they probably won't listen to you when they are older.

zerooptions said...

I love this!!
The girlfriend doesn't believe in "Xenu" or "L Ron Hubbard".
That's probably why she doesn't approve.

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

How can Jaden's girlfriend be real if our eyes aren't real?!


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