Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did the scheduled pap walk thing in NYC.
Selena Gomez is also still in NYC.
Ed Sheeran went to an award show last night in London after canceling his Asia shows.
Scarlett Johansson and Bobby Flay went out to eat last night.
Bruce Willis and
Sarah Paulson after a night of working on M Night Shyamalan's sequel to Unbreakable.
Beyonce looking amazing which is probably why she posted it.


sandybrook said...

I see ScarJo still cant choose a decent guy.
Sheeran can party with a broken arm but it's kinda hard to play guitar in concerts with one Entern.

Lurky McLurkster said...

Is ScarJo trying to get a part on Stranger Things?

skipper said...

Lol @ Livelt trying to pretend she doesnt want to be papped with her usual silly big hat!

nancer said...

is it freezing cold where blake is? that looks really warm.

bey looks gorgeous. great picture.

the everyday girl said...

Well Blake I hate those shoes with that outfit and it looks like something is trapped in your pant leg. Selena is confident to come out in Jammie's. Sigh I don't like Beyoncé but she does look great in that photo! Scar jo and Flay - what the? Ugh

shakey said...

Blake looks like a sask (short for sasquatch) with her unbuttoned boots.

Why does Scarjo have my look from ... sometime in the 80s?

A said...

So has Booby Flay dumped Helene Yorke already?

Glue said...

Tidal put on a benefit for storm/fire survivors? LOL! How much do you think JayZ will actually give to the victims and how much will he actually pocket? We all know Tidal is losing money and he and B-chick don't have as much money as they'd like the world to think...
As soon as I saw he threw a benefit I started laughing bc the stars who are giving him money should just put it directly into his pocket.

Witchypoo said...

Why is Blake Lively a thing? What does she actually do? Beyoncé is beautiful and talented but always looks so tacky. Dress is a great color but that’s it.

longtimereader said...

When james hetfield of metallica injured his arm in an accident, he got the roadie to play his parts and just sang on stage. See Ed? it can be done.


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