Thursday, October 19, 2017

Today's Blind Items - Telling Her Story

A lot of women are feeling emboldened to tell their stories about the way they have been treated in Hollywood. This particular story is interesting to me because even though she has made her living from this family entertainment channel, she has always been a little outside the usual age bracket of their stars. I like to say she is in the High School Musical for this decade. Something nice and big and popular that will probably make her a nice living for the next decade at least.

Her first job in LA was not as an actress. She made her living through another form of entertainment. From day one, she was told that she was going to have to have sex for sales. If she wanted someone to use her stuff, she was going to have to have sex. If she wanted to obtain another person's product she was going to have to have sex. She was still barely a teenager when two guys in a recording studio raped her. They were very big music producers. She was told to not say or do anything and in return was given three stacks of cash and told to take a vacation.

On one of the first television shows where she worked, she was "hazed." Apparently the hazing included naked photos of her taken without her knowledge during a costume fitting and then the cast and crew watching a slide show of it during a lunch break. They only did this with women and not men. The cast, which was heavily female never said a word about the ritual which happened to every attractive female actress that got a role on the show. The main cast said they didn't want to lose their jobs or rock the boat so went along with it.

Her big break she landed by audition. She says she didn't have to do anything but audition. She says though when she got on set, her co-star, who at the time of filming was barely legal, had to audition in a bikini for multiple men. This was despite the fact she had a history with this particular studio and was working for them at the time. The co-star was asked about her sex life under the pretense they couldn't afford for her to get pregnant. They asked her whole sexual history. No women in the room. Just men. She then had to go to dinner with two of the producers who each took turns hitting on her and kept reminding her there were plenty of other teens who would do anything for the part.

On her next project, our actress also landed her job by audition but said her not old enough to drive co-star had been subjected to the same treatment from the same group of men and the same series of questions and bikini auditions.

The whole process has made our actress not want to work. She says no to almost everything. She won't go to auditions alone and never goes out to dinner to talk about roles. 


MontanaMarriott said...

"in the High School Musical for this decade." only thing I can think of is the DESCENDANTS franchise

MontanaMarriott said...

Sofia Carson who is 24 which is old for Disney.

pkelly491 said...

Dove Cameron almost fits - but not perfectly.

She was 14 when she moved to LA. About 2 years later she got cast to Liv and Maddie (but no real barely legal female co-star since she played both leads).

Then Descendants is likely the HSM of this decade. Sofia Carson could be the co-star there but she would have been 20-22 at the time of filming, old enough to drive.

Also, maybe she is a little bit old but she has worked for Disney between ages of 16-21ish. That's not that much older than their usual starlets?

MontanaMarriott said...

"In 2012, Carson was signed with BMI as a singer-songwriter". Which could work with the BI as she was told she would need to have sex to sell songs or get songs written for her.

pkelly491 said...

Could be Sofia Carson, actually

First big project (big break) would be Decendents - barely legal co-star was Dove Cameron

Second big project - Adventures in Babysitting - not yet legal to drive co-star Sabrina Carpenter.

She has not done much other than those projects.

The hazing could have been from Austin and Ally,or more likely MTV's "Faking It."

And, yes. Her first job in LA was as a singer-songwriter, not an actress.

November Lane said...

Carson is working on a movie with Dom Swain, who is a friend of Enty's & wrote for this site.

My vote is for Carson.

the everyday girl said...

Not old enough to drive? So a parent took her into that situation. Ugh

8==D KermitGosnellKnobjob said...

That Carson chick fits, except for "She was still barely a teenager when two guys in a recording studio raped her": she started to sing in 2012, when she was 18/19, that is not "barely a teenager".

Unknown said...

18-19 IS a still a teenager, even though they're a legal adult.

Himmmm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Himmmm said...

Kenny Motherfucking Ortega is one of the monsters responsible behind those scenes. How or why he is STILL allowed anywhere near young girls OR boys is a nightmare.

Of course anybody who falls under the direction of Kenny Ortega is bound to suffer. The guy is a monster. He destroys everything/everyone he touches. He killed Michael Jackson ("who cares about his drugs just get him what he needs to keep going!"). He killed Vanessa Hudgens' innocence; and killed Billy Squier's career. There's a reason he was best buddies with Joel Schumacher. Monsters they are. Ask Menudo and Ricky Martin. Ask Christian Bale. Ask Ashley Tisdale. Ask Max Casella. Ask anybody who had to work with this sick fuck on Ally McBeal. Boys or girls - he has no limits.

Some victims go along to get along, and you have a white-hot career like Miss Tisdale did for the longest time. And live well off residual checks. But others stand up against the abuse and offers and intimidation and their star burns out (as doors get closed on them and calls not returned). Because the actress won't stand for it or play along. A beautiful & talented actress like Ele Keats should be raking in the Oscars/Emmys these days but she's too decent and strong to play along.

When you are a director or producer, knowing your star has problems and is in distress and you are using those problems to get your rocks off is beyond disgusting. Thora Birch was just a CHILD! But if it's okay with her Dad it must be okay? Really??? A predator uses those problems as a way in, and adds to the destruction of the victims.

But don't stop the gravy train when it's rolling right? So you warn other parents to keep their kids away, but gee whiz he can make your kid a STAR! And when you DO speak up and you tell the producers, the unions, and even lawyers - they all tell you to STFU because the studio/network is a bigger paycheck to them than you are and they threaten to use your own personal issues against you and ruin you. That was back in the 80s, and the 90s, and 2000s. And still going like Satan's Energizer bunny.

I sincerely hope Ortega gets his own audition - in hell. With a nuclear-powered spiked strap-on Steely Dan and no lube. For eternity. He can take Schumacher and Schneider with him. Bastards.

Diana said...

Wow @ the Hmmmm comment. Just Wow. Wasn't Ortega involved in DD too? what happened there? Hmmmm - anything?

Sd Auntie said...

Mind blowing statement Mr Himmmm.

Lon Spector said...

I hear the pig Weinstien is not in the least contrite about his sins.
He's a OLD TIME movie mougal in the mold of Al Capone.

childeroland said...

Actress: Sofia Carson
High School Musical for this decade: "Descendants"
Family entertainment channel: Disney Channel
Another form of entertainment: BMI as a "singer-songwriter"
One of first TV shows: MTV "Faking It"
Big break: "Descendants" (2015)
Co-star: Dove Cameron
Particular studio: Disney/former show ("Liv and Maddie")
Next project: "Adventures in Babysitting" (2016)
Not old enough to drive co-star: Brenna D'Amico or Sabrina Carpenter

JP said...

Agree with Childeroland and dayammmm Himmmm that's some info.

BigMama said...

Well damn, shit got real

SkittleKitty said...

Speaking of actors who ought to have awards (Thora Birch & Himmmm). Birch's father = disgusting asshole. Glad she's working again; hope it's better this go-around.

Wonder what was done to Billy Squier. He really was very talented. Whenever I hear his hits from the 80s, I have wondered what became of him.


ImmodestyBlaise said...

SkittleKitty, Ortega directed Squier's "Rock Me Tonight" video which was a notorious flop and was credited with ending Squier's popularity.

Puddy said...

Comparing HW to AC is like apples and oranges. I’d say he’s more like David Begelman.


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