Friday, October 20, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 13, 2017

Think this former A list singer has changed? He hasn't. That was a 16 year old girl he brought to a party the other night. 16 might be generous. The dress he made her wear showed off everything and he told others she was the best he ever had. At this point he thinks he can get away with anything because he has. It is maddening.

R. Kelly


sandybrook said...

And nobody at the party thought about calling someone who might have the power to put him in jail. I don't think pedos are usually open to share their sickness with the general population it's usually done in private.

Moose said...

"Dating" a minor is not illegal, so even if someone at the party had called law enforcement, I doubt they could do anything.

Lisa said...

Then why do all these female teachers sleeping with their young male students go to jail?

zerooptions said...

Again, where is the "Weinstein" rage for this scum?
After one of his victim speaks out, and then another, an underage marriage, a trial that results in an acquittal, he still walks among us when he belongs in a state jail in general population.

Samantha M. said...

@lisa, because dating may not involve sex, and it is against the law in most (if not all states) for someone in a position of power (read: teacher) to have sex with a student, even if that student is the age of consent or age 18+. The simple fact that they are a student means they are considered vulnerable. I agree with you that "dating" is a sketchy way to term a relationship between an adult and a minor, but technically, if no one can prove sexual contact, there may be literally nothing law enforcement can do, especially if the adult isn't keeping the minor out late, providing them alcohol or cigarettes, etc.

Mstyles said...

He is a disgusting pedo pos everyone knows he has been sleeping with little girls/trannies since he has been on the scene. Dude was MARRIED to Aaliyah while she was a CHILD. How much further proof than that does anyone need? Oh let's ad the child porn he made with the teenager. And all the girls he has set up in houses across the country that he controls and manipulates.
But I guess that is not enough. Cuz it's Hollyweird and someone may 'make some money' or 'get famous' at the expensive of a childs life.
No big deal let's all party with him and act like shit never happened.
A bunch of sick f*cks.

AprilInParis said...

He's sick; I knew that the day the Aaliyah story came out. That doesn't correct/fix itself over time - that stuff gets worse over time. Who, exactly, is supposed to be surprised by this at this point?


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