Thursday, October 19, 2017

Random Photos Part One

One part today.

Drew Barrymore at LAX with a bag full of tabloids.
You know who you don't see photos of? Gabriel Byrne.
Ashley Greene on her way to the gym.
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman decided to go with pose #24 for the CMT Artist Awards. They did also throw in a #14 and the classic #8.
Anna Paquin out doing laundry.
Sharon Stone all smiles on a night out with Melanie Griffith.
Serena Williams was at a Bruno Mars concert in Miami last night.


MontanaMarriott said...

"Doing Laundry" as in she's not rich enough to afford a washer/dryer in her home or basement of her Condo/Coop? Or was this just a photo op where she called the paps and posed for this pic?

LooLooEasy said...

Ashley Greene not even worthy of a tag. Working out for those jobs she doesn't get.

the everyday girl said...

Sharon's legs are fierce
Nic and Keith - something is very off - maybe that god awful dress and unfortunate lipstick

auntliddy said...

Exactly how is Stone still living off " Casino" money? I mean this woman doesnt work, how does she maintain her lifestyle?!

hunter said...

Nicole!! Good lord what is that monstrosity of a pearl pink velvet dress holy lord on fire no.

And the lipstick good god. And Keith's shoes - I just canNOT.

Witchypoo said...

Nicole looks tense and is leaning away from Keith. Is there truth to rumors of their marriage on the ropes?

Unknown said...

Keith and Nicole look like a couple of old lesbians on their way to their wedding votes being renewed.

Mrs Meat said...

Ha ha ha @TB75. Best comment today


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