Friday, October 20, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

 Malin Akerman at an event last night with her future husband. She really should check in to what he has been doing the past few weeks. Might affect those future plans.
Natalie Portman with yet another solo outing.
Prince Charles hotboxed again.
Robert DeNiro heads out after dropping off his youngest child. I'm guessing he didn't rush right home.
Renee Zellweger hit a red carpet after taking a bunch of unnecessary crap from people this week.
Shia LaBeouf is just a man and his backpack.
Tara Reid is just a blonde with a guy who can't decide if he likes Pharrell or Evan Ross better.


sandybrook said...

Whatever, Tara must think that douche is very rich or he manages to pay her in cash.

Mila said...

Interesting comments on Akerman's picture - I feel bad if true. I thought I read somewhere that she reads/posts on here.

Guesser said...

@Mila, she is a friend of OG Enty.

Mila said...

@Guesser - ok, that makes sense! I knew there was some sort of connection there. If memory serves, she once provided a VERY juicy blind about Brittany Murphy, Brad Renfro, ScarJo, and a few others.

the everyday girl said...

I hate that for Ackerman if true :(

Jx-Noelle said...

Oohh juicy - why is DeNiro not rushing home? Price Charles pic makes me miss Diana. : (

Jeannie said...

I'm curious what blind that was!

musesx9 said...

@mila...what were the comments?

Slap-n-Tickle said...

I think Mila is referring to a really long blind - 4 parts maybe? That involved Thora driving around LA with Brittany and Brad, drugging and screwing. I don't remember Malin being the leak but I can't find the blinds, now. They were posted in the last year


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