Monday, December 11, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 3, 2017

This southeast Housewife is masterful at keeping the two married men who share her company for money hidden from everything in her life. She does such a great job they have no idea about each other.

Porsha Williams


Auntie Histimine said...

Good for her! I love her!

M Styles said...

Nothing like a old whore.
Gets on TV, still can't pay her own damn bills.
More gutter trash.
This shit is nothing to be proud of, she is gonna get hers, wait until one of their wives wrecks shop on her face lolololol
Those men are gutter trash as well.
Like attracts like.
All trash.

texasrose said...

Oh yeh! She must be a genius to pull this off!!! She probably has some incredibly complex plan like one bangs her on tuesday and the other on thursday or some other other brilliant variation like that which took years to develop.

N. Twinkie said...

She's an obnoxious idiot.

Misty said...

She’s a prostitute. Next.

cece said...

More power to her.

Missyrocks53 said...

I love Porsha. So glad she's still on RHOA


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