Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 10, 2017

This B/B+ list mostly television actress cracks me up. She calls off a divorce just to save child support and spousal support money and supplements her income by hooking up with a real estate agent at houses he has listed for sale.

Naya Rivera (now the divorce is happening though)


David Howes said...


Yes. That's my Sad face.
I'm a real estate broker and no (female) celebrity ever wanted to "hook up" with me at any properties I had listed.

Oh, that's right!

I have self-respect AND respect for my spouse!

So, I'm not into "hooking up."

Oh, well. My loss! (or is it gain?)


(Happy face is back!)

Pokey Blow said...

How much does she charge?

Samantha Quinn said...

Who is the real estate agent?

M Styles said...

The things men will pay for.
She looks like an example as to why one should NEVER get plastic surgery.
Disgusting and dirty looking.
And she looks dumb like she has this vapid, dumb, empty look to her.
As they ALL do.
I am sure this realtor is married as well, making this trashy blind, even trashier.

Cinabun said...

Wow. You really don't like her. Do you know her personally?

Vocal Majority said...

I'd do her


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