Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Blind Item #5

I previously told you that this B+ list rapper dating the one named A-/B+ list singer would drag him down with her into his drug use. He specializes in getting women hooked on drugs and then passing them around like party favors. He has the one named singer doing lines of coke almost every waking hour while he cheats on her and uses her for his own gain.


Boldblonde said...

G easy and Halsey. DM shows her doing blow.

woody said...

What is DM?

Glue said...

@woody - Daily Mail

BunnyTwoShoes said...

@Boldblonde +1

longtimereader said...

I suspect halsey would be up for this, she doesn't strike me as the doormat type.

Count Jerkula said...

Ya gotta figure dudes who pass their bitches around prolly don't eat pussy, right? Unless they like eatin creampies. I guess that is a work around for a cum addict who doesn't want to go gay.

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