Monday, January 01, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #36 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

December 1, 2017

Back in the day, there was a de facto studio head that was the Harvey Weinstein of his day. There was no female actress it seems that he didn't assault. It was a who's who of A list actresses that he assaulted, impregnated, and got abortions for.

#1 - This permanent A lister who has a celebrity offspring who is a permanent A lister was raped by him when she was underage but fought him off as she got older.

#2 - During a sex party gone wrong, he is suspected of being the killer of this at the time A list mostly television actor. The actor was also having sex with our Harvey's wife, so that also contributed to it.

#3 - Our old time Harvey tried to pin the murder on an actress who co-starred with the A lister. Apparently she kicked our Harvey in the balls once when he tried to assault her.

#4 - He said he destroyed this stag film that the mean actress who was a permanent A lister made before she was famous. He didn't though and would blackmail her with it whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

#5 - Reporters should ask the aging actress who has been in the news this week about her being assaulted by him too. She was, multiple times.

Harvey - Eddie Mannix
#1 - Judy Garland
#2 - George Reeves
#3 - Lucille Ball
#4 - Joan Crawford
#5 - Angela Lansbury


Rachewbacca said...

Daaaaaamn, the times they're NOT a'changin'...

Andi said...

Mannix was fairly easy to figure out. Then the rest from there.

Looks like most thought #3 had to be one of the Lois Lane's.

TheDemimondeOne said...

Terrible story about Eddie Mannix-

The_Myth said...

Lucy should have kicked harder.

Lalalisa57 said...

That’s why I LOVE Lucille Ball.

Liloleme said...

His first wife died in an auto accident shortly after filing for divorce. Wonder if he was somehow involved in this too.

OKay said...

Don't waste your admiration on Lucy. She's another one who "allegedly" did whatever she had to do to make her career happen.

Andi said...

Enty revealed Lucy tried other means to progress her career, but it didn't work. He has multiple reveals about her early days.

Victoria said...

Cee Kay, I think this industry made it so you most likely have to sleep with people to get ahead, unfortunately.

I can't imagine how it feels for young actors to be put in this situation in order progress their career. Those that didn't get blacklisted from going further (Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, and a bunch of others we don't know about). Some don't even make it that far and are likely still just a waitress somewhere. There is a difference between those that willingly sit on the casting couch, those that reluctantly do it, and those that do it because they are being blackmailed. I don't think the last two should be slut-shammed, especially if they decide to come forward.

What do you guys think?

I hope 2018 is the year for a massive purge and punishment for the offenders. Happy New Years everyone!

Solar Rhino said...

Victoria, do you think anybody shows up in Hollywood NOT thinking they'll bang their way into the business? I don't.

Sekrit said...

Good on you, Lucy

Unknown said...

#3 That is so Lucy

auntliddy said...

POS, rot somewhere.

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