Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Blind Item #7

This former A list comic/reality star/host/part-time actress really thinks she is going to be invited back to a long time gig she hosted. Despite the failings of her replacement, she just doesn't stand a chance. It will crush her. She has no support from anyone in a position to get her old job back. They just worry about themselves and no one else.


Tricia13 said...

Kathy Griffin

Jayne said...

I agree with Kathy Griffin but A list? Come. On.

Do Tell said...

No tears for Kathy.

Brian said...

I doubt that's true. Kathy knowingly and deliberately torched that bridge with Anderson Cooper. I can't imagine she thinks he'll have her back, even if CNN wants her.

I do think Anderson has one more shot at NYE before they get rid of him and try something new.

Do Tell said...

A CDAN rerun on the same day!

asb said...
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BestMan said...

I think she's rather shocked that Anderson didn't support her after that. She thought she was dealing with somebody who valued friendship. They deserve each other. They both shill for deep state.

..and no, I don't support Trump either.

YummyBoogers said...

I think Kathy could have come back eventually from the photo. It would have taken some time, but if she played her cards correctly and stood by her initial apology, everything would have blown over.

However, she really made a mistake by lawyering up w/Bloom, holding that ridiculous press conference and THEN by slamming Cohen and others via social media. Her bitterness, desperation, and her "If I'm going down, then I'm taking you MFers with me!!" mentality has surely led to an ACTUAL blacklist in Lala Land...and this one isn't a Trump orchestrated one.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Zucker is on the way out at CNN, and you have to see a Major house cleaning in their future. Kathy is too linked to a low moment for that network for a new regime to touch her.

Aging niche talents with the opposite of good looks and a nose for controversy often run out of luck. Particularly women, sad to say.

John Doe said...

This one was too easy. Kathy is pathetic. I have seen her Youtube videos and I cannot believe how far she has fallen. I also cannot believe how her own friends have turned on her.

@ Yummy, she will never come back from this. She's finished. I do agree that pairing up with Gloria Allred's daughter was where she sealed her fate. The men who run Hollywood do not like that woman or her offspring. Kathy is blaming Trump for destroying her career, but the truth is that Kathy has long been well hated by many Hollywood celebrities because she makes fun of them in a very mean-spirited way.

katsm0711 said...

Even before the photo, less and less people through the years wanted to work with her because they knew she’d have them under a microscope and add any little embarrassing thing they did, in her act. Now with the photo and how she handled it, she’s done. Good riddance.

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