Monday, January 01, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #27

October 20, 2017

This permanent A list musician who is not a Rolling Stone is a really nice guy.  No one has ever really had a bad thing to say about him, and that is a big deal considering some of the other musicians he's been associated with.  He's had his share of struggles in the past, but seems to have put those behind him and appears to be a caring family man.

Our musician and his young adult offspring are all fairly active on social media.  Recently, the content of some of the offspring's social media posts have raised eyebrows, especially considering the musician's past history.  Those who know him are also puzzled as to why the content is going unchecked, since our musician's history of being an involved and strict parent is well known.  Even if you are unfamiliar with our musician or his offspring, some of the content being put out there is alarming.  Very strange.

Duff McKagan/Grace McKagan


Andi said...

Had to google her. Looks like she's trying to be an edgy rock star. He could be backing off bc this is for her career or he could be thinking she needs to figure out some things for herself.

K said...

Hopefully this is just her attempt to cultivate a rockstar image. 💗 Duff- his book was a great read!

Shanannana said...

I have followed both of them on social media for some time. I can't recall anything scandalous?!

Spitbite said...

I loved his book, esp the 'I'm not bulletproof' line.

The first part was interesting for the GnR gossip which takes me back to my growing up years but the last quarter or so talking about addiction, recovery and growth was really cool to read.

Also the bit about his Mum visiting him in hospital reminds me of Phil Lynott's Mum visiting him in hospital. She said in an interview that Phil's last words to her were 'Mother of Jesus, what have I done to you?'. Tragic.

Randaleese said...

Never heard of these folks.. oh well..

Do Tell said...

@Randaleese, Duff is from Guns and Roses.

Unknown said...

Me either

Allie said...

I first thought this was a positive blind and thought of James Hetfield and his daughter. They seem to have a great parent/child relationship and I read that the two of them went together to visit local fire departments and police departments in Vail, CO. to pass out holiday gift cards.

However, the daughter, can't quite recall her name seems to be raised well and not a problem child at all, so, this is obviously not him. But, I have heard that he's a nice guy who had some trouble in his youth but has gotten his act together quite well.

Colonel Blake said...

James Hatfield is the only name I recognize.


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