Thursday, January 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 28, 2017

Video Music Awards

From the red carpet to the show and beyond, this married B+ list mostly television actress all of you know despite her bigger days being behind her was wasted. It has been awhile since anyone has seen that. She has been to rehab multiple times and needs to get it together before the long running television turned almost television show continues filming.

Portia de Rossi


totaji said...

She was just celebrating that she got a job.

fionafab said...

I have always liked Portia (Amanda Lee Rogers of Australia) de Rossi enormously. There is something other-worldly about her. She had anorexia as far back as the late 90s when she was on Ally mcBeal. I credit Ellen with saving her life. I do know that Ellen's obsession for buying and flipping homes every year has kept her from putting down permanent roots and has, allegedly, upset her emotionally. I should have such problems! The winds are blowing snow all over my windows and apt. bldg. It is getting colder by the hour. Welcome to NYC! I just hope she can find stability and happiness in her life in 2018. She is a truly beautiful soul.

LizOz said...

Portia darling, get it together and be fabulous!

Kimberley said...

@Boo - Portia, what a beautiful woman. I had a girl crush on her when she was in Ally McBeal! Boo, did you get your heating fixed? The last post I saw from you, you were in your freezing apartment, having to wear a million layers of clothing, then flying to warmer climes for the holidays. I felt quite concerned (silly I know, as I don't even know you.)

Boots said...

What show is she on that will continue filming? Arrested Development? i was said her character died on Scandal, but the role wasn't that appealing. Why are there always rumors about her and Ellen have such a rocky relationship? Boo - hope your heater is working, too! brrrr

Urthor said...

Lets just say that Ellen has excellent taste, even for Hollywood Portia is absolutely beyond stunning

fionafab said...

Kimberley: How sweet of you! You are the only person who has inquired. None of my 'friends' have. Well, I didn't tell them. I guess that's why they didn't call. The 'heat' situation is dire but not deadly, yet. I have stuffed towels and blankets in the windows and covered the AC. What IS happening this winter that never happened in the past is some of the tenants (elderly) don't know to cover and seal their air conditioners and the freezing cold air is hitting the steam pipes in their apts. and they are exploding! Steam and hot water shoot out, cover their entire apt., and the Fire Dept. have to come turn their heat off. No one has gone to any apts. since I got home asking how the tenants are or helping them secure their windows/ACs. I can't do it because my Spanish isn't that good. I live in a Spanish neighborhood. The bldg. is 97% Hispanic. Thus, the cold situation. Some have gone back to the Dominican Republic to spend the remainder of the winter with their families back there. The poor schnooks like me who have to remain will have to improvise. I am still wearing the sweaters and heavy clothes I came back in. Drinking lots of hot tea, eating lots of soup. Thanks a million, Kim, for caring! Watched the O J Trial (Cuba Gooding, Jr. as OJ) today to keep my mind off the cold. It is spectacularly entertaining. The casting is incredible. You keep warm! This is supposed to be over Monday or Tuesday.

YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

Well, anyone married to ellen is going to drink or do drugs. Duh.

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