Thursday, January 04, 2018

Blind Item #5

Caught up in a world of drugs and sex and foreign travel, this A+ list celebrity/mogul who is richer than rich has fallen right back in the web of this A- list mostly movie actress who somehow managed to get the mogul to invest $300K into a non existent business of the girlfriend of the actress. This is an incredible long con the actress is running.


Tricia13 said...

Elon/Amber Heard

Tuesdi said...

@Tricia you have it. Again. I can't get the blogger to come up fast enough!

Truthseeker said...

Man, Elon is my husband's hero. He loves this man. I really wish he would get this woman and his neediness for love out of his system.

Jimbonius said...

That girl is going to get herself disappeared.

Tricia13 said...

Be honest it’s often slow loading and not sure if it’s where I Am,Connection or the site?
Per the blind... she must be REALLY GOOD at something (s)😏

Joel Theriot said...

She's got the system down that one.

TheDemimondeOne said...

Yes, gotta be Elon and Amber Heard.
All about the orgies that Silicon Valley execs/ Venture Capitalists (VC) freely admit to participating in.

fionafab said...

If this is Elon Musk, he has more than enough cash to just GIVE Amber. She only has to ask him for it. Don't kid yourself, she is one smart cookie. Look what she did to Johnny Depp. Yes, I know, you are going to say he did it to himself. Why did he work constantly, father two kids, remain in a relationship with the Parades lady and while with her he went off the rails?

That said, Elon Musk is the employer of thousands of men and women in this country. They depend on him for their livelihood. The picture of him running around the world (last week Chile, before that Australia etc.) with this woman does not project the image that his company needs at this time. 2018 is make or break for him. That is what I am concentrating on. He said in print that he loves her and that breaking up with her devastated him. Give the guy a break. He already has a reputation of loving them and leaving them. Ask his former wife and five kids about him. Sure they'll fill you in.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

No kidding, Tricia. Like rill good. Although I have to imagine 300k is small change to Elon Musk, so maybe this isn't as sinister as it seems. Oh what a world we are living in.

Truthseeker said...

Elon has also gone on record saying he hates sleeping alone, and yes as Boo said, he was devasted when they broke up. He is a dependent personality and needs personal validation to keep from spiraling evidently.
As I said, he is my husband's hero. He is incredibly brilliant, it just seems he hit that mid life and lost his way, hopefully he will find it before she destroys him.

Guesser said...

That's like $20 to us.

Mag said...

+1 Boo. AH is poison.

Count Jerkula said...

MMusk is an easy target for a predatory whore. Feed the ego, bleed the wallet. Simple formula that always works on a narcissist.

John Doe said...

Meh. I don't see this as a big deal at all. Musk is a geek. Were it not for his money he wouldn't get the time of day from any woman, much less a famous Hollywood actress (notwithstanding the fact that she's a whore). $300,000 is nothing at all to a man who has billions. I'm actually hoping that she takes him for a whole lot more than that. She's over 30 (the hill) now, and she's getting a little old to keep playing 'it girl' for much longer. She needs to make her move while the getting is still good.

longtimereader said...

Am i the only one who kinda respects amber's game?

346NYC said...

Elon Musk is a WELFARE QUEEN.
If not for the lowly taxpayer,
this fantastical con man would
not be fantastical.

I know Elon Musk from my tech circles AND
the guy is always coming up with the next
great scheme to bilk taxpayers.

He's overrated.
A media/CIA creation.

Kind of like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia.
I met Jimmy in Davos at the World Economic Forum.
When I met him he said he was the founder of Wikipedia.
A time later, our social circles became intertwined,
and I was invited to many personal events like
weddings, showers, etc.

It wasn't too long after that I learned that
Jimmy is a front man for Wikipedia.
A CIA creation.
What did he do before Wikipedia?
He was a pornographer.
He owned and operated a porn company.

Elon Musk is similar.
Not a pornographer,
but a fraud.
A front man.

p.s. The stuff about Jimmy is all public, all online.
Because I met him in Davos, I never questioned who he was.
He was there and in my mind, that meant he was valid.. verified.

Jane said...

346NYC You are an idiot. Elon has created many millionaires at his Space X Facility in Hawthorne, CA alone. He is very real and very innovative. A good friend has been working for him for over 10 years, she just built her vacation home. He created PayPal, sold it, then created SpaceX when no one else thought it would prosper. Quickly thereafter he created Tessla, and now is boring a tunnel from Hawthorne to the west side. Take your conspiracy theories to Reddit or Youtube. Moron.

Agnieszka B. said...

Depp only needed to get rid of Amber to come back to the list of actors with the biggest hits movies of 2017. And we all know thanks to who Amber got the role of Mera and maybe you should notice that after the break-up with Depp she didn't get new role. So calling her A- actress is absurd.

Phoenix's Ashes said...

Just read that article... If you’re a female, you’re Damned if you do; Damned if you don’t!

notthisagain said...

$300,000 is two pennies to musk, but yea, even though I dont like depp and do think he is an alcoholic with abusive tendencies, I ALSO believe amber is straight up black widow-ish. she know elon had a crush on her for a loooong ass time, and she's milked it.

nancer said...

elon may be rich, but he's dumb when it comes to her. she is a real player. she's like a beautiful gypsy or something.

fionafab said...

Thank you, Jane, for echoing my sentiments precisely. I have always admired this young man for going after a dream that few humans dare to dream muchless actually put into action. He's a human being with human needs. To be loved is the strongest need we have. Just really sorry she is the person he needs at tis time. Don't be shocked in the new few months to hear she's preggers. That is her real goal. Guaranteed bookoo bucks for 18 years or more. Sad.

fionafab said...

P. S. Sorry for the typos. My hands are numb from the cold air in my home office!

...needs at this time. ... in the next few months.

Rafael said...

Even a genius man could be fooled by a good blowjob and anal.

Leanne Norman said...

Who sends all these blinds about "manipulative" women Amber, Angie, Taylor and Meghan among others, oh that's right fragile women hating men along with the women who think that their favourite male celebrity is misunderstood and if they would only get away from these awful women they would be fine. It's sad that people need to make excuses for what some men do by blaming the women, especially when they don't know either party or the true facts of the situation.

fionafab said...

LEANNE: I agree with you on some level. However, knowing women in Show Biz, many of them are anything but Girl Scouts. None of the men are choir boyz, believe me. They are thrown together by friends, co-workers. When was the last time you went into a 5-Star party or restaurant and sat next to an A+ or A++ celebrity? They move in their own circles. It's incestuous. And, as you know, there aren't that many straight players in any high-profile business. So the gals pickin's are slim. They may think they know who these guys are, but don't really find out just how bad they are until it's too late. It isn't always easy to extricate yourself once you're in.

That said, I will make a prediction for 2018. Before the end of the year, the truth will come out about the real reason a certain duo broke up. Sadly, he got infected by one of his many flings and infected her. So they're both sick and look it. This is going to be the bombshell reveal of the year. Wish it were not true.

Count Jerkula said...

Agree that Tesla and his other biddnesses are all about tax breaks and subsidies. That battery factory he built is a mess and tbey cant even get employees because it is in the mkddle of no where. Dude is all smoke, mirrors, snake oil and huffing his own farts. Miss Heard will never ha e to whore again by the time she's dome bleeding out this mark.

Dannette said...

I'd like to know what the"friend's" business

I think so much less of Musk for being so sloppy.

TwoDots said...

Oooh Boo!!! Intrigued by your mentioning of the Duo who’ve broken up. If it’s who I think it is, I feel like only one of the duo looks sick....unless I’m barking up the wrong tree!

World weary said...

Correct again Count. Look at his battery in South Australia. Cringe. Politicians love the Hollywood connection.

fionafab said...

TwoDots: I saw a recent photo of the other one and his face has that 'wasted' look. In the last six months there have been blinds on CDAN about his frequent visits to an infectious disease doctor. If this comment turns out to be accurate, it is going to be a world-wide press event. It will also break millions of hearts. They are both truly beloved all over the world.

Speculous said...

Sts. Brad and Angie?

TwoDots said...

Thank you Boo!! Shall be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

I’m also interested to see if 2018 brings any truth to James Framco’s Acting “school”. Would welcome a read there. Enty/ Himmmm...? ;)

jonesy said...

moronic dweeb Musk
a-list ho Amber

crackity-Mcgee said...

@Jane youre way more naive than NYC.

while she/he is overstating his/her case / let me tell you i love Tesla, i love SpaceX
and i adore Elon.
but go look at the ads for essential workers and key tech workers for FRemont /tesla

hint: theyve not been expanding anywhere near as much the last 2 years -- its turnover - its reallly tough working with the guy,

paypal. thiel/ ELon


facebook etc have all been propped up by CIA/NSa for as long asi remember,

the hard math that props up facebook algorithms [nothing to do with code or computers in fact it shard to get computers to do it] was deeveloped over years of research by NSA CIA.
freely gifted!
so nayway while i font take a hard a line as NYC- i was there for osme of it or learned it at college freely out of a book. it common knoweldge within tech

fionafab said...

TwoDots: Afraid James Franco is not on my radar. I get nothing from his acting or interviews. He's a cardboard cutout. Sorry! I am a big Jonah Hill fan, though. War Dogs has to be one of the funniest true stories ever on celluloid. I almost collapsed laughing so hard.

Hotmessmidwest said...

I really enjoy your comments. You always seem to be spot on with your thoughts😊

Unknown said...

Elin Musk/ Amber Heard

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