Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Blind Item #4

It didn't take long for this former A list mostly television actress from an iconic role to hook up with this ex of a former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. The ex provides a certain discreet service to actresses who want the sex without the boyfriend.



Happy Purim!
If you're into that sort of thing.

andrea said...
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LukaTate said...

Jen Aniston / Gabriel Aubry, gigolo to the stars.

joshg g said...

Gabrielle Aubrey

Sara, Making It Work said...

+1 LukaTate!


He must be brilliant at it.

Brayson87 said...

+1 Luka

Science cannot invent mandroids soon enough lol

andrea said...

I like your answer better! But ouch to Jen being considered former A list now. I know she was falling but I would’ve thought the divorce brought her up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Good for her!!

FourthTurning said...

Lucky lady if it's Gabriel Aubrey. He is hot. I saw him at an indoor kid playground a few years, hot, hot!

lucy said...

they already did brayson, his name is Dil Do but he's kinda messy and sometimes makes a lot of noise and I love Him


AndrewBW said...

Oh Jen, call me!

Boldblonde said...

Can I hire him??

fionafab said...

Speaking of Purim: When I lived in NYC I had a photo from an Israeli newspaper on my front door taken on Purim of an big, broad Israeli Cop wearing a pink tutu carrying a huge rifle. The best picture ever! Yes, Happy Purim. Oh, did you see For Your Consideration? The fabulous funny film about Home For Purim (fictional movie) with an all star cast? Hysterically funny. A Christopher Guest film.

WickedBee said...

πŸ˜‚ dyingggg....

pwal said...

I don't know... seems to me he could use his current occupation as a servicer for leverage in the future. He could spill some serious tea in a book deal and frankly, I don't think these actresses could handle it if he critiques their performance, which means some hush money for him.

T. W. said...

Happy Purim to all our Jewish friends!

Sd Auntie said...

Me too.. boldblonde..I wish...

lucy said...

πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ˆ 😰




Mischief Girl said...

Well good for Jen. From CDAN blinds her her (now ex) husband was screwing around on her since last summer at least. So good for her for getting out, getting laid, and having a good time!

Mad Hominem said...

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Call me (call me) my love
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Kno Won said...

We could pool our resources, purchase an overnight.

Unknown said...

Aubrey is a nice looking man but who wants to eat out of the same candy dish so many hands have been in.

Camal19 said...

He's obviously not that discrete if a blind item is being written about it. That means more than the 2 people involved know about it. One of the two can't keep a secret.

Unknown said...

Maybe JA shared the info herself....


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