Saturday, March 03, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 25, 2018

This weekend, this permanent A list singer who is really probably permanent A+ list and a permanent A list diva was asked whether she believes the abuse victims of this A+ list athlete/a-hole. The singer said, "The women were just trying to take advantage of him." She went on to say that since he has never been physical with her she doubts he would ever get physical with them.

Mariah Carey/Floyd Mayweather


Guesser said...

I just wanted everyone to know @entylawyer is doing real tweets now, and included a hint on Four for Friday that everyone in the blind is dead except for the at the time teen ager who later became an actress. So elimate all still living actors, should make it easier.

Hanniam said...

Thanks @Guesser.

I guess I’m leaning back toward McQueen now, though the Wayne guesses are compelling with that “evil chuck” thing.

joshg g said...

agc says it's Charlton Heston

Irish Dre said...


DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Maybe Floyd didn't abuse Mariah because she has enough money to keep him in litigation until he goes broke!

sandybrook said...

I'm wondering how Mariah knows Floyd? Just because she went to his birthday party doesn't necessarily mean she knows him, just the PR rep who invited her to come.

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