Saturday, March 03, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 24, 2018

After being a part of the destruction of two marriages and at least one person losing their job, this foreign born A list celebrity/singer/host who all of you know has a lot of enemies.

Mel B (had her tires slashed)


Hanniam said...

She also has what sounds like a psycho soon to be ex with no qualms about hurting her and playing the victim.

Andi said...

The ex wife nurse of the body guard ex cop she was screwing is my guess.

Irish Dre said...

it does sound like a crazy ex wifey thing to do.


sandybrook said...

I bet Posh can't stand the bitch either

Chris said...

I saw the picture of the tire she posted & it definitely was not slashed. Several people in her comments mentioned that it didn't look slashed & they are absolutely correct. More likely she was high & it happened & she didn't realize how bad it actually was. There are also scratches on her rim in the area of "slash" which is more evidence that she shredded it on a curb.

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