Saturday, March 03, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 24, 2018

You have never seen anyone spend so much time at a place spending money as this A- list mostly movie actress. Three weeks ago while at the spa with her girlfriend she met a woman who works at the spa. They clicked and now the actress goes almost every day to have alone time with the worker.

Kristen Stewart/Stella Maxwell


Unknown said...

So... she's um, paying for it?

Jx-Noelle said...

The Spa Director is asking the same question.

Andi said...

She ain't A list.

She's always been paying for it, her "assistant", Katy Perry's "assistant", and now Stella, according to Enty's past reveals about them.

As long as she's paying the owner ain't axing no questions.

mapstothestars said...

Very Personal Shopper-like.

sandybrook said...

Kristen gets around, very experienced muff diving champion.

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