Saturday, March 03, 2018

Blind Item #11

Think about if you would stick around with someone if they did this to you. Dinner this week. Permanent A list musician and A- list mostly television actress who has a new gig across the country beginning soon which would take her away from the musician. So, what does he do? Hits on the waitress in front of the actress and gets the phone number of the waitress and her social media. Says he can get her some work singing and they should go out to dinner the next night. Such a tool.


Mary Lamb said...

Foster and McPhee?

Hanniam said...

Sounds like a classic move to make her break up with him and think it was her idea.

Gator said...

No sympathy for McPhee here. She's nothing but a self-absorbed user.

Unknown said...

in what universe is McPhee an A list actress??

Freckles said...

Mcphee cannot be A, noo! Whomever it is, I hope she finds someone way more relevant than him. What a dick.

Bill Philly said...

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah

MissDe said...

I think foster and McPhee too. And agree she isn't A list. But his ratings are so off and hilarious. And no one gets below a B ever. Half of the B's are actually lower lol same for the A's

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