Thursday, March 01, 2018

Blind Item #1

This married Governor is best friends with a married college basketball coach. That friendship extends to using the same escort service.


Anonymous said...

This has to be Tom Izzo at Michigan State. There’s some sick stuff going on at MSU.

joshg g said...

Could be Pitino at Louisville

Just4Fun said...

Pitino was fired; ex-coach

Brayson87 said...

That business model is built on referrals lol

joshg g said...

Oh, that's right. I pay attention to college bball when UCONN men r good or the tournament comes.

pkelly491 said...

Matt Bevin and John Calipari?

Sara, Making It Work said...

If Izzo, then does that mean the married governor is Rick Snyder?
Anyway, seems like they would be the same state.

Just Paige said...

Matt Bevin Governor of Kentucky came out in support of paying college basketball players. Sure blind is based on that


Will Spielberg direct the Sandusky biopic?

Poppymann said...

Sick, like Penn State kind of sick? Did anyone look at PS connections to the Milton Hershey school?

Unknown said...

If they're best friends (or even friends), I've seen no evidence of it. And I'm from Michigan.

Ouiser B. said...

Posting this so others can help

This married Governor is best friends with a married college basketball coach. That friendship extends to using the same escort service.

I'm basing this several things:
* that the governor and the coach presenting in governing & coaching.
* that the governor is not female

I’m speculating these things:
* that there is some connection based on the state (active job, former job, alumni status)
* that both the coach and governor have been around for at least a few years in their present job - enough to be BFs
* that the coach is known enough for this to be a story. That a governor and someone from East Podunk CC share an escort service isn’t worth a blind item.
* that no governor is BF with someone coaching at their alma mater’s arch rival.

Rules out (8)
Alabama, Iowa, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Rhode Island (female governors)
New York (divorced/single), Minnesota (divorced/single)
*DC has a female governor as well

Marriages in Known Crisis
Nevada - Gov Brian Sandoval is separate and divorcing
Missouri - Gov. Eric Grietens is in a nasty scandal over an affair

Basketball Fans
Washington - Gov. Jay Inslee is an avid basketball player and fan
West Virginia - Gov. Jim Justice, former HS basketball coach and still involved with basketball.

AZ - Sean Miller and Gov. Doug Ducey? Unlikely, Ducey is a Arizona State grad and seen at games.

CT - Governor Dannel Molloy and Kevin Ollie? Molloy is an older white guy in his 60s, Ollie is a cool guy in his 40s. Just don’t see it.

CT2 - Governor Molloy and Geno Auriemma? Nope. Molloy got dragged over not being able to pronounce Auriemma a few years ago.

KS - Bill Self and Gov. Jeff Colyer. Colyer didn’t go to KU, I don’t see anything about the two online outside of the minimal stuff a sitting governor would mention.

MI - Tom Izzo and Gov. Rick Snyder - Snyder is a UM man, nope.

MO - Grietens and UM Coach Cuonzo Martin. Martin is new as well so can’t be best friends

NC - Gov Roy Cooper is new and I don’t think he’s BFFs with UNC’s Roy Williams (best friend died a few years ago or Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski (different parties)

WA - Gov. Inslee likes sports but the coach at UW is new so can’t be best friends. Also was an assistant previously. If you had said this a year ago with Lorenzo Romar, that might have been worth looking at.

WV - Gov. Jim Justice and WVU Coach Bob Huggins? Gov Justice is a huge basketball fan and still coaches and helps with tournaments. However, Justice played golf at rival Marshall, got an undergrad and masters there. Justice is the richest man in WV and messes around with HS ball and Marshall stuff. Don’t see it.

AZ2 - Bobby Hurley and Gov. Doug Ducey - Hurley is the AzSt coach and Ducey is a big fan, at games regularly. Close in age - 46 and 53. Ducey tweets in support of Hurley,

KY - John Calipari and Gov. Matt Bevin. Definitely friendly.

MI2 - John Beilein and Gov. Rick Snyder. Snyder is a UM man, so maybe? "A Michigan graduate and longtime Michigan basketball season ticket holder, Snyder is a regular in Crisler Arena. One of his former staffers during his gubernatorial campaign, former Wolverines point guard C.J. Lee, is now on Michigan’s basketball staff as an administrative assistant.” Photos of them together, Beilein is in his 11th year there.

Brayson87 said...

@Ouiser, someone has been working on their brackets lol

JP said...

OH gov. Kasich

Maude Lebowski said...

I'm a native Kentuckian and IMO this screams Bevin. No wonder he has had issues paying his taxes

Diogenes said...

No. Bevin and Calipari are not close.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Rauner of Illinois and Darmouth's coach David Mclaughlin


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