Saturday, February 10, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 3, 2018

This foreign born A- list model turned B+ list actress did a turn as a Queen and that was probably her biggest role. She also has the movie footnote of being in the final film of this beloved actor. Anyway, she can't really explain what happened to that $250K of charity money which seems to have gone to line the pockets of those closest to her.

Lily Cole/Heath Ledger


Unknown said...

Related to Rainforest Rescue? Couldn't find anything online but not a lot of recent info available.

Dena said...

Never doubt yourself, Bananalicious : )

sandybrook said...

A lot of charity money goes straight into the pockets of the people running them.

Bia said...

She's the one who set up that doomed-to-failure skills-sharing website a few years ago, funded I think by Jimmy Wales (the guy who founded wikipedia). The site is still there, but it seems to have morphed into a place that wants to 'guide global change' (or at least talk about it).

Gator said...

Only give to large, established charities that have a track record, not celeb charities. After Lamar Odom's, you'd think people would learn.

Sierra said...

@Gator - is Oxfam big enough? They seem to have some extra expenses in Haiti currently - there again, perhaps it's providing income for them

Squee said...

@Sierra - I was just reading about Oxfam, such bullshit.

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