Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Today's Blind Items - Account Number 37911133339

Over the weekend, the head of this company, who had never been seen in person at this particular location showed up in the middle of the night. He had called ahead and the highest ranking person still left at this business was told to be there for the meeting. He instructed that no one else be there. The urgency was dictated because of multiple deaths that happened a short time before involving two very key employees of this company. Those two employees were in charge of the account number mentioned in the title.

That account number was established several years ago when the new owner bought out the original owner. It was an internal billing account, but the bills were never paid. They were never supposed to be paid. It was simply to keep track of a special group of clientele who are friends of the owner. The problem was that after the death of the two employees, one of the clientele showed up at the business with two very young women he said were his nieces and said he had a reservation. He used the name associated with that account. The problem is these clientele were always processed by the two dead employees. They were not always there in person but would arrange that all the formalities would be taken care of beforehand so whatever clientele were there could get on with their activities quickly.

When this man showed up with his nieces who really looked nothing like each other or the man and were really young to be wearing what they were wearing, calls were made. Did anyone know about the reservation and then someone looked up the history of the name associated with the account and sent a group e-mail asking about the reservation and included the account number in the e-mail. The man and his nieces were not given a room because none of them had or were willing to produce identification or a method of payment. The man explained that no payment was ever required because it was handled through Mr. Weishaupt. No one at the company had ever heard of Mr. Weishaupt and another group e-mail was sent inquiring about Mr. Weishaupt.

Only a few hours later, the call was made by the man who came in the middle of the night. Was it Mr. Weishaupt? I don't know. The person who told me all of this only caught a glimpse of the man as he left the next morning trailed by that highest ranking employee available at the company. The person who spoke to me is adamant that the previous owner didn't have a special account number. The employees had been trying to recall anyone they remembered who had used the account number or name when they checked in.

One person several people agreed on because he had been there multiple times using the name was this A+ list mostly movie actor who lives most of the year overseas. He also likes to direct. He is also an Academy Award winner. The staff just assumed he liked his privacy and it was a fake name. It wasn't until now, they realized he was using the same name as the man with his nieces. Whenever the A+ lister came, he always came without his wife and would only stay a few hours. No one saw anyone who came with him, but it seemed like given the circumstances he was meeting someone who would come to see him.

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and is known all over the world used the name too. Someone remembered she stayed a week when she was in hiding and some of her employees would come by and have no idea they were supposed to use that name to see her or contact her.

The staff said the name was used a lot, but mostly by men who had a woman or women with them. There was one man they remembered because he stuck out. He was an older white man and he would often come with young black men and also would only stay an hour or two. I think I know who that person is and have written about him before, but no one remembered exactly what he looked like and he wasn't using his real name so it is tough. There are rumors that the man behind it all has big time professional sports interests.

One thing is certain. Any trace of that account number is gone from every system the staff can get into.


sandybrook said...

I'll give whoever is writing these b.s. blinds lately a lot of props, they are getting more creative to keep the 4chan conspiracy theorists reading them.

MontanaMarriott said...

Ed Buck for the older white man coming in with young black men.

Do Tell said...

A+ list actor/director could be Clooney.

Glitter said...

George Clooney for the A+ list actor.

sandybrook said...

St. Angie and Clooney

Glitter said...

Angie Jolie for the AA winning actress.

Flashy Vic said...

@Do Tell. 'Nieces' though? Wouldn't Clooney more likely appear with 'nephews'?

Do Tell said...
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Taylor said...

Does this have something to do with the helicopter crash last week involving execs from Standard Hotel in Newport Beach?

nancer said...

ditto, sandy.

Do Tell said...

NM, what I should have said is that the employees were not sure if Clooney was the guy in question. They just knew he had been there before.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

After reading this blind, my brain hurts!

I need to read more guess to better understand this.

Do Tell said...

So what is this really about? Is it about a hotel that is ultra discreet and will look the other way, or a hotel that helps traffic in the child sex trade?

ZantiMissKnit said...

LOLWUT. https://twitter.com/37911133339

Guesser said...

Actually the A+ actor who directs came in alone,so could've Clooney.

nonyabusiness said...
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Malignment said...

The Standard Hotel? Two dead employees died in a helicopter crash

Kim Watzman - General Manager
Brian Reichelt - Regional director of Finance

dig folks.

Guesser said...

I thought Angie hated Clooney, so one of those guesses doesn't work.

Taylor said...

Two hotel executives from the Standard Hotel chain were killed last week. Andre Balazs was the owner at one time of the company.

Doug said...

For what it's worth, the name Weishaupt could be an obvious illuminati reference.

gabthetired said...
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SDaly said...

Was just about to post that Doug,

"Johann Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher and founder of the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society."

Nathan said...

Standard Int'l CEO: Amar Lalvani
Killed in crash: Kimberly Lynne Watzman & Brian Reichelt

Malignment said...

The building that now houses The Standard, Hollywood, was originally built in 1962 as the Thunderbird Motel, and had become a retirement home when Balazs purchased and remodeled it. Original investors in the Hollywood hotel were Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Benicio del Toro, D'arcy Wretzky and James Iha.

Boldblonde said...

And now we know why that helicopter crashed. Thanks @Malignment

Glitter said...

Guesser: Angie and George did not come in together.

Do Tell said...

WTF? This just happened in NYC. Another oopsie, from the National Weather Service New York NY. From their twitter :



A Tsunami Test was conducted earlier this morning, that did have TEST in the message. We are currently trying to find out how a message went out as a warning. We will update you when we find out more.

Boldblonde said...

Side note Andre Balazs is such a good looking man. With a lot of skeletons in the closet, I assume.

Unknown said...

@sandybrook Yes. I wonder if some of the people commenting here are regulars at Infowars. But, hey, who doesn't love a good old fashioned inter-dimensional, satanist, pedophile yarn attached to ammo-masturbation?

canroadrunner said...

If you look at the Standard hotel's website for LA, there is what appears to be a nude girl in the background and the paddle for the Ping Pong club is in a very strange position.

SDaly said...

Ed Buck lives about 2 blocks from the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.

Sal Salington said...

Yeah, the name Weisshaupt jumps right out, that being the literal founder of the literal real-life Illuminati.

Someone, maybe enty, has a sense of humor.

IanPhlegming said...

"Mr. Weishaupt" ?

That's too, too much. Either this site is engaging in elaborate sly fictions to balance their truths and cover their backs, or the shadow people who run the world are a lot less creative than I give them credit for. Or they just think/know they are so untouchable they toss around names like that just to mock us.

Because there are already people tossing around Infowars references, my background link for J.A. Weishaupt will take you to the whitewashed Wikipedia bio. It's still got some good stuff.


Malignment said...

To all the people suffering from cognitive dissonance, or reading what these people say. Think harder.

Do you think that Enty is a really evil person?
Has he given that impressio over the years?

Why is this relevant?

Because this website exposes rich sick bastards and other deviants committing degenerate crimes.

How evil would you have to be to “make up yarns” about sick pedophile rings operating out of hollywood hotels?

Check yourself.

SDaly said...

David Heller, former Goldman Sachs guy and investor in the Philadelphia '76ers, is one of the investors in Standard Hotels, so that fits.

Wantsapphires said...

Someone please fucking translate this.

Malignment said...

apparently lots of people that comment here think it’s a funny joke to joke about child abuse. that’s pretty sad. I blame the cognitive dissonance

Brayson87 said...

23 obviously

SDaly said...

Heller is also "involved with numerous charities and serves on the board of Morry’s Camp, a year-round youth development organization whose programs are anchored by a residential summer camp."

Doug said...

@DDonna Tarttty, there is the in-between option that a lot of people who are not so high up in the world are getting in on the illuminati symbolism thing. Using the name Weishaupt is indeed not very creative, but that's what you would expect from wannabes learning about this stuff online. Some of them end up dying in helicopters rather than being ushered into the inner sanctum...

Boldblonde said...

Exactly!! @Malignement

kelli grrrl said...

@canroadrunner --- Just looked at the Standard's site. Where's the naked girl? The ping pong paddle didn't seem weird to me, unless there's a way of communicating with them I'm not aware of. Only things that caught my attention were the person wearing the bear head and their logo being upside down. But those are things I'd chalk up to trying to look like a hipster place.

Emptywood said...

The people larping about connections to a chan or A Jones should stop.

An element of the Chans are getting very serious intel on a daily basis. We were told about standard several days ago and connected the Helo crash employees.

This blind is very real. The Weishaupt reference may be an Enty joke.


We were told that a favor was repaid.

Also, reference this:


Acid down a drain?

SteveD said...

If you call the desk and give the account number 8675309 they will send up a girl named Jenny to service your needs.

Emptywood said...

Ed Buck:


Photo with Adam Schiff. Who to me looks clearly gay and has the features of a meth user.

Why has Adam Schiff been so vocal lately?

canroadrunner said...

@kelli grrl I went back to look and discovered that every time you click to go back to the page eg. from Google, the background behind the main card changes. When I first saw it, it was the back of a naked girl, then a bartender pulling a beer and and then an outdoor shot. The naked girl must be in rotation.
The ping pong paddle over the crotch struck me as weird and vaguely BDSM

Emptywood said...


Locked account


Emptywood said...


Also the weird pic of the bear.

Desi Derium said...

It's interesting that there's a website at 37911133349.com that flickers for just a second, but there's nothing there.
It's one of the "trademarks" of the Illuminati (supposedly) to sort of rub their presence in our face in plain sight, so I could see the "Mr. Weishaupt" thing, but it just all seems so...fictiony.

sandybrook said...

Malignment do yourself a favor and have someone read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page to you ok? Then look up the words beyond your comprehension and then STFU.

Malignment said...

@sabdybrook - you pointing to the site’s disclaimer is like a short seller pointing to the disclaimers in a publically trades companies’ 10K - a total joke

Malignment said...

pardon my rushed poor spelling.

Enty has disclaimers the same as google has disclaimers in their public stock filings.

they are both legalese jokes, there to “cover ass”. It literally means nothing.

the logo stands. you either think that Enty is an extremely amoral person that writes fiction about pedophile rings ... or not.

Personally, I think he has a conscience.

sandybrook said...

Like I said jackass read it, learn it, get used to it and STFU understand? 90% of this site is made up b.s. take it from a veteran here 90% of this site is b.s.

ancoranonhocapito said...

The man in the (pedo?)bear head on the Standards website, and the girl eating spaghetti on the bed do look a bit out of place.

@sandybrook: you old timers on this websites keep sounding more and more like old timers on this website. If you catch my drift.

ancoranonhocapito said...

*on this website

Mischief Girl said...

+1 wantsapphires

sandybrook said...

Maybe you should learn from the Old-timers here, the one thing that changed over the years is the owner and writer of the site. With the change of ownership and format, the credible blinds of original Enty which were about 1 or 2 per day, have become more repetitive and preposterous as they have become the sole items on this website. The pedo and molesting BIs have ALWAYS been here, they just are more far-fetched and ridiculous now to appeal to the audience new here in the past 4 or 5 months who want this.

plot said...

"An element of the Chans are getting very serious intel on a daily basis."

SNORT! Sure thing,bucky. Find that pedo basement torture chamber yet at any pizza joints?

Still think Sandy Hook is all a Clinton mock up?

"Why has Adam Schiff been so vocal lately?"

Because he is the Dem head of the House Intelligence Committee which is investigation all Donny's connections to Vlad. Really, it's one google search to figure this out.

The total BULLSHIT in this BI -

Many hotels hold rooms open for the hotel investors. They are mostly allowed to use it any time they want if it is vacant. Every boutique hotel in Manhattan has these.

NO FUCKING WAY only two people know about it the rooms for investors. The head of check in no doubt knows all of the investors as it's essential for his job. The maids and room service who work there also have to know about the special accommodations as well.

The investors have private cards for instantaneous access given out to them. Only in some decades old Hollywood script would investors depend on "only two people" for the room and some super sekrit number! Now they have their own digitized keys, without a doubt, only checking to see if the room is vacant and surely another room would do if it is. GOD that bit of this BI is so fucking stupid.

Conveniently, the only people who know any little thing about this are DEAD! So much 4chan in that pattern in case anyone misses it - dead people don't contradict one's bullshit.

Oh yeah, gotta suggest young unaged women. Go Enty!

If they investors give out their access to friends, such as an actress who needs a place to hide out or an actor who needs a trysting spot, that is normal? Nothing mysterious there guys! It happens.

Ugh. Find a dead person, write a blind they can't refute. Jesus, doesn't this ever get old?

plot said...


"Do you think that Enty is a really evil person?"

Do you imagine he is your bestie? Or that he is the same entity lo these 10 years?

Who cares what Enty is? Not me.

IanPhlegming said...

I appreciate your comment and perspective, @Don. Thank you.


I want to trust Enty and Himmmmm(s) and Mr. X and all of it. I want to believe there are actually good people out there who have deciphered the cryptocracy or occultocracy or pedocracy or whatever sick term best suits the evil cabal that is enslaving and brainwashing humanity. I want to believe some of these people have the influence and wherewithal to change things for the better.

And, looking over CDAN's track record and the empathy that comes from their words, and the fact that they seem to generally like the same people I like and hate the same people I don't like, buttresses my belief they are on the side of angels, not demons. And you can put those terms in parenthesis, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

But I don't think anyone can deny that the site has changed in the past year. It's obviously got some threads into the intelligence or military intelligence community. The stakes are higher. Much, much higher. So high that people get killed when they try to play on that chessboard. Nobody's fucking around.

So when I see blatant Illuminati references mixed with child raping plots and some of the world's bigger movie stars, as well as incredibly powerful politicians and corporate businessmen.....it's hella more dangerous. And you've got to question how CDAN gets away with it, and what they might need to do to cover their backs and stay alive.

It's one thing to suggest George Clooney is gay or bisexual. It's another to suggest he and his fake wife are involved in arms dealing, human trafficking and helping prop up the fake White Hats propaganda narrative. [I believe all of the above, fyi]. The former is writing with a sharpened quill; that latter is like trying to catch a knife.

I don't want to be played for a fool. There is a quote from a movie, I don't remember which one, that says "Hell is where they give you hope and keep taking it away." This site has provided me with a great deal of hope. I don't want to get burned.


Sd Auntie said...

Yes SandyB. Make believe rumors brought in to keep 1000 comments coming in. Don't really care. If you all care about snagging real child abusers or human traffickers, how about a CAREER in law enforcement or C.P.S! People are needed in these fields and it takes special people to do this grueling work. 4chan people make me sick.go back to the dark web wierdos

Samantha Willow said...

Interesting investor group!

ancoranonhocapito said...

So you guys back in the good old days liked your pedo and molesting stories to be less far fetched and ridiculous WHILE still maintaining that it was all bullshit. Gee, mister I sure wish I was one of yous back in the day.

No but seriously. Isn't there a slight chance that something in the balance of the world has shifted and more and more shit is creeping out because of that (i.e. there's an underwater battle going on, and these are the bubbles)?

Or, from another angle: as we live in a world where the 1% owns 50% of all the wealth and thus lives in a separate reality, isn't there a bigger and bigger chance that some of these sociopathic billionaires and their puppets are tempted to redesign the world to suit their fantasies?

Third rephrasing: If something is actually possible (possible for someone to imagine it, possible for someone to finance it and make it happen), isn't it ground to at least accept the idea that it might just have happened?

Lastly: I don't think any of us would be here (including you old timers) unless we felt on some level that all of this "b.s." and "fiction" might just be possible.

C'mon, don't be so territorial. Let us investigate all of this without waving the cane.

ancoranonhocapito said...

^ The above was @sandibrook

Samantha Willow said...

*whilst sporting the requisite tinfoil hat

Unknown said...
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petty white said...

+1000 @ancoranon

Starry-eyed said...

+1 and the Standard Hotel, LA. HelicopHel crash thstvrecethat killed employees. Also look up Adam Weishaupt...

ancoranonhocapito said...

@Sd Auntie: as opposed to the laudable, crucial job of sieving through gossip to find out whether such and such actor is still doing cocaine or cheating on their spouse.

sandybrook said...

It's about clickbait and you're the bait. Enty has a BI somewhere on this site from last year about "She Is Not Letting Go". It had about 3,000 comments the last time I was able to see it on the old site. Clicking and commenting and clicking and commenting and clicking and commenting raise the ad rates, gets Enty better ads and brings him\her more money. A perfect set-up the conspiracy theorist marks get trapped into. And he goes to the bank with a bigger check every week.

Samantha Willow said...

Adam Schiff's sister was married to George Soros's son and Soros bankrolled Schiff's career as did Move On. Just a point of interest.

Sal Salington said...

There's nothing unbelievable about this particular blind. I'm skeptical of the Grand Conspiracy blinds, but this one is just rich people fucking pretty young things. That happens.

Malignment said...

@sandybrook Okay “old timer”, I got you down for enty being every bit as evil as the people he writes about.

JOel said...

Standard Hotel, Adam Schiff

Guesser said...

As an oldtimer here,I should point out a lot of the blinds I thought were BS were not. Weinstein being the biggest of course. He turned out to be worse. Dito for yacht girls,I thought these big stars doing it was BS,then they get caught. Sean Penn really did unwittingly help capture el Chapo. A doctor did sexually assault hundreds of gymnasts. Enty has a disclaimer an d uses red herrings to protect himself. He/they always have. The Sherman's really are dead. The story that connects to this came out before they were killed. Kevin Spacey did molest underage boys. To say people here take pedo rings and human trafficking as a joke ignores the fact that several posters are,actively working on solving the problem, partly because of these blinds. Also ,Enty allows you to call BS,many sites don't. Sorry/not sorry if I went on, too long.

3s and 7s said...

That is what they want you to think

TheCaravanChronicles said...

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I've noticed some questions about Enty in this thread and decided to pop my CDAN cherry and chime in.

Enty got a lot of love this fall when the Spacey/Weinstein blinds were proven to be true.

But, and I'm too lazy to check, how many blinds since New Years have started with "This is too big not to come out"?

Maybe Enty is headed towards an Infowars style of reporting. The truth can be shocking, but when the shock wears off and we become comfortable with the disgust we initially felt, you've got to do something to keep the masses titillated. At the end of the day clicks=cash.

Guesser said...

@sandybrook,the shippers just used that for fan fiction, no comparison to the big stories. Yes, he throws in click bait, but the newbies are here because the Weinstein reveals gave the site new crew.

Malignment said...

@plot I already addressed you concern troll, I don’t care if you’re a paid bad actor or a numb nuts with cognitive dissonance, either one stinks. Just mark my words - in 2018, horrible things are going to be publically disclosed about the elite, and not on a little blogspot blind website. When it happens... be prepared to deal with your dissonance.

Desi Derium said...

A newcomer here on the forums who wants to throw his two cents in.
I've been coming to this site for at least 8 years, reading it here and there, and enjoying the feeling of being "in the know". Especially when we were tipped off to something that eventually became public knowledge.
Yes, the blinds have gotten a *lot* darker in the past year or two. I don't necessarily believe some of these more recent blinds (this one with Mr. Weishaupt, some of "The Church" Stuff, etc), but you know what...I still find them fascinating as hell, because I could see some of these things having a kernel of truth nestled inside the fiction. I would take a blind about "The Church" over one about a "Teen Mom" any day. I think there are some very dark, very scary, and very evil things going on in the entertainment industry and the political world. If nothing else, I love that these blinds open my eyes to what could be going behind the scenes, maybe prodding *something* to happen to end these awful things.
I guess I just see it as a buffet. There's something here for everyone...so load up your plate with the stuff you like, and let the rest of the things for the people who love the other stuff. But *don't* swallow everything without thinking about it, first.

sandybrook said...

Hey malignment just to let you know, I love Enty and the Enterns they have given me years of enjoyment here. I don't think they are evil, but they are in business to make $$$$. They found a new way and a new audience to cater to. After 3 years of the old site and 10-15 comments per post, they now see lots and lots more per day back here, just like the older days when the site was here before. Probably a lot more readers than the recent past too, but I don't know that for certain.

Sign Name Below said...

Unfortunately, finding good in people who agree with us, as well as demonizing those who do not agree, is a form of cognitive bias. It today as much as in any period of history, cognitive bias is making us irrational. We should be skeptical but not close-minded of all "data input," yes, considering the source, but also confronting our own natural tendencies to see good in people we like and evil in everyone we do not like.

This isn't to refute that Enty's work is on the side of justice, just an observation that this tendency is very real.

Think of all those people who stood up for HW. Or Mel Gibson. Or Bill Clinton. I really admired Charlie Rose. If I knew him personally, I would have been inclined to defend him first without question.

Question everything, investigate all, retain what is good. Reject demagoguery.

Sign Name Below said...

Not gonna lie, I chuckled.

Sign Name Below said...

Thank you for that input!

Sallysal said...

new owner: Amar Lalvani
hotel: Standard LA
helicopter victims: Brian R. Reichelt, 56, of Hollywood, Florida; Joseph Anthony Tena, 60, of Newport Beach; and Kimberly Lynne Watzman, 45, of Santa Monica. All were connected to the luxury hotel chain, The Standard, with Tena having a financial stake in the hotels. Waltzman, was the general manager of The Standard hotel in West Hollywood.

A+ list mostly movie actor, living overseas: Clooney

A+ list actress in hiding: Julia Roberts

Man with big time sports interests: Donald Sterling

plot said...


The rumors about Weinstein, Spacey, Ratner, Schwarzenegger too, are decades old, pre-dating Enty by a long time. People were sharing all this information on comment boards and websites. None of it was exclusively uncovered by Enty and I do know he is internet friends with the person who runs one particularly high trafficked board that is very old and used to be a fine place for anonymous bombshells about Hollywood.

In the past, Enty has surprised me with information I didn't see anywhere else. Other times he delivers clickbait for a new audience or "filler" BIs that are ambiguous enough to be filled by a multitude of future events.

Honestly, I really don't care. I loved the discussion, always did...until Trump announced his candidacy and the comment boards here and elsewhere went fucking bananas with trolls.

The fact that Enty is now indulging in the same formula as 4chan I find extremely disturbing, however.

SkittleKitty said...

I read this as a hotel that is really, really discrete, but that the two people who used to really maintain the discretion / access died.

I did not read anything that implied child trafficking or abuse. "Nieces" to me simply meant young women, not girls, but much younger than the guy.

Interesting, but not as salacious or disgusting (at least not with the information given) as some are making this one out to be. There are much worse items elsewhere on the site.

plot said...

"Adam Schiff's sister was married to George Soros's son and Soros bankrolled Schiff's career as did Move On."

Good for them!

On the other hand we have a Bush married to the son of a Supreme Court Justice who ruled to end the recount in FLA in 2000, unconstitutionally I might add.

Guess political circles are as incestuous as Hollywood circles.

Phelps said...

Balazs is a member of the Quill and Dagger:


And just to jack with Plot, the Standard Hotel was originally the Superior Oil Building, which was founded by William Myron Keck.

Meme Magic is real.

IamLegend said...

Yes! As soon as I saw the name Weishaupt my conspiracy senses tingled.

Poni-Tayl said...

(Peeks Head In, Tosses in a Snickers Bar and Runs Away)

JOel said...

MontanaMarriott did you mean this Ed Buck? Here's a pic of Ed, Adam Schiff and Eric Baum. Schiff's Congressional district covers Hollywood and The Standard Hotel.


meanie beanie said...

I just tried that, I get girls legs on a floating tube in a pool, an bar shot with a bartender and behind the bartender, a girl with a full face ninja mask opening a lap top, and then an outside shot of 2 rooms, and then an old man dancing by himself in a room. Really weird and no ping pong paddle over a crotch.

Wantsapphires said...

When was the helicopter crash?

PhyllisWhitweed said...

I had friends in school with the last name Weishaupt. Maybe I should let them know they're illuminati. Lol. It also just happens to be some people's last name.

As they say: When you hear hoof prints, look for a horse and not a zebra.

Sadie Slays said...

If anyone disagrees with the content Enty posts these days, then they are free to stop reading and stop spending literal entire days in the comment section dismissing every comment. If it offends you, then leave. Boycott the website. It's that simple.

JuicyJ said...


T. W. said...

@Guesser - Amen! A lot of people would still be doing bad things if it were not for this site. Law enforcement and child protective services do not work for us. They work for the government.

Neil said...

@Meanie Beanie you are looking at the site for the West Hollywood hotel. Look instead at the site for the downtown LA hotel.

Eowyn said...

sandybrook said to Malignment: "Like I said jackass read it, learn it, get used to it and STFU understand? 90% of this site is made up b.s. take it from a veteran here 90% of this site is b.s."

90% of this site's b.S. must then include sandybrook.

T. W. said...

@Sandybrook - It has 457 comments today. People guessed Amelia Warner for the woman, Jamie Doran as her Beau at the time, and I think Collin Ferrell for the ex. Anyone wanting to read the blind can go to January 29, 2013.

Doug said...

@Joel H: What is "we ho times"? Does it cover yachting and such?

Lucy_Eyelesbarrow__ said...

Long long time lurker, first time commenter. I see the dissent and conflict going on here and there and I just want to chime in that back in 2012 when the NY Post and other media outlets (including fellow gossip bloggers) blacklisted Enty as a fraud, I knew he was probably on the right track with some of the darker stuff regarding more powerful people. When Kneepads and others taste blood in the water and follow suit then it became clear to me that the notes Enty and Himmmm were striking were making people feel uncomfortable. The investigators and people who participate in the hunt for accurate reveals are amazing-mad props to you all. Let's not allow trolls or differences in politics deter the very important work coming out on behalf of the innocent. This freedom of expression between us under the guise of celebrity gossip is taking us into some very real circles of power and I think the work here is becoming really important-they contain kernels of truths that we need to be aware of. Just my 2 cents. (BTW can we old-timers start a thread to do reveals on Ted C's The Awful Truth BIs???)

Guesser said...

@ plot,I never said Enty was the original source, but most of the people here heard it,here first,I never went on those sites, and really a lot of good it did, even coming out here.

Weekittylass said...

An interesting read written by David Horowitz http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/Articles/Rules%20for%20Revolution%20(2).pdf.

Kurt said...

@Guesser...Sure - a few of the posters here are trying to bring some things to light...but there are pretty clearly a couple who are likewise trying to keep folks OFF the scent as well.

But this site doesn't operate in a vacuum. Much of this info is out there from other sources, and not always word-for-word. Sometimes the Enty info just 'meshes' with other info, and brings a consistent picture into focus.

Sandy and plot, among others, act as self-appointed gatekeepers...trying to keep too much reality from seeping through. Some of this may come from protecting their delusion that the world isn't as pervasively screwed up as it is, some of it may just be stupid being stupid...in any case...onward.

xyzxyz33 said...

Sadie Slays - YES.

The more THEY protest,
The more THEY troll,
The more credibility it lends to the blind.

Emptywood said...


You're identifying the wrong chan. And the idea there was a torture chamber in a pizza basement is disinfo. Nobody believes that, except for people like you that want to believe OTHERS believe it. Ya, some nut showed up there, and we dont know if that was FF.


I always value perspectives from 'old timers,' but not when they fly in the face of real events.


Helicopter crash? Everything is always a coincidence, I get it.

It's cognitive dissonance.

thecatwhisper said...

I know who A list actress with oscar is: Susan Sarandon. As soon as I read 'ping pong' here in the comments. https://www.forbes.com/sites/breannawilson/2016/03/22/susan-sarandons-underground-ping-pong-social-club-in-chicago-is-as-cool-as-it-sounds/#108a67736084

she is big into ping pong. Apparently, those ping-parties are rather similar to pizza parties.

Melody the First said...

The 4Chans are spreading Russian deza, trying to foment a civil war.

Bill Clinton is a hebephile. I don't know how Hillary is involved. But the people bulldozing are going after all of them, including Trump who is the worst of the worst as criminals go. Stop perpetuating the garbage that this is the Clintons vs Trump. This is the collective global
IC going after the worldwide syndicate.

Schiff is a target because he's fighting the mob. The trolls spreading lies about him and everyone are doing the handiwork of global criminals.

Sagan said...

In German, Weishaupt, if broken into two words (weis and haupt) means 'looking' and 'head'.. looking for head? Someone has a sense of humor. Even with AJ possibly in the BI. haha

plot said...

"A lot of people would still be doing bad things if it were not for this site"

Are you fucking serious? This site is not that powerful or important, one mention in the mainstream media or not.

" the idea there was a torture chamber in a pizza basement is disinfo. Nobody believes that, "

Um, can't back out now. It was believed, fervently, until proven wrong. The boards on 4chan about the basement torture chamber were many and the posts whipped into a state of frenzy. Can't deny that conveniently now.

Let's talk about Sandy Hook and the photo of that little Grecian boy...that proves False Flag! False Flag! Let's talk about 4chaners who continue to harass families who lost their children there. Yeah, nice fellows with a real grasp on reality there!


"act as self-appointed gatekeepers"

Enty's site has no gatekeepers.


" when the NY Post and other media outlets (including fellow gossip bloggers) blacklisted Enty as a fraud"

@ SkittleKitty

"That never happened. Enty is not a journalist, ergo, no one treated him like a journalist which is exactly right.I read this as a hotel that is really, really discrete, but that the two people who used to really maintain the discretion / access died"

Those two people couldn't be on hand, 24/7, for the celebs and investors using the number, right? It's much more discrete to give the owners, investors or their celebrity friends digital key cards of their own to use at the front desk silently. If a key card ends up in the wrong hands, it can be deleted and replaced easily.

Who tossed in the snickers? Kind man!

plot said...

sorry for fucking up my attributions there

Brayson87 said...

Yeah most of this is bs fun, but sometimes Enty does call out stories months ahead of the mainstream press, if they ever dare.
Why are they allowed to exist? Probably because like Drudge, Assange, Snowden, etc they hold back the most damaging info as protection. Or they're under someone else's protection and control if you want to go dark lol

Rosie riveter said...

Omg will you shutthefuckup already

Rosie riveter said...

What in the literal fuck are you doing here every day? Mygod, does it give you a woody to post on every fucking blind just to tell people they're batshit?
I wish you had an off switch

Rosie riveter said...

Aaaaaannndd here he goes with the "quotes"
Here's one for you:

"You're" "An" "Ass"

Rosie riveter said...

You were pretty close there, sandybrook
Omg hahaha I just got my laugh for the day. You kids carry on, I've got dinner to make 😘

El Naro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
one_eyed_bob said...

No one is forcing anyone to read this site (at least not that I'm aware of. (Maybe there's some sick bastard actually forcing people to read this site with threats of coercion. So except for that scenario.....)

So, you don't like CDAN, don't read it! I don't know anything about celebrities and still find the site fascinating.

El Naro said...

+100 Guesser, Kurt, and Lucy - Co-sign on some blinds that seemed fictional, but ended up being true (and only hidden very well). For me, it was Bruce Jenner wanting to transition. Nothing wrong with that desire, I just thought it was fantastical coming from that family, who often blur the lines of illusion.
I enjoy the energy of the newcomers to the site who clearly want to research and critically evaluate. Nothing wrong with that. Unlike Plot, who seems to have a standard bias that is politically motivated.
There is a Standard Hotel in Schiff's district, and he is pictured with and received funds from Ed Buck, implicated in the Gemmel Moore death, which seems to align with the blind. The fact that his name summoned an immediate defense from Lost the Plot makes me look at this even closer.
As Lucy says, what is important is that those who use their power to hurt the vulnerable are stopped and shamed publicly if prosecutions cannot take place.

SimplyMason0 said...


>Heather O'Rouke
>CDAN claimed she died by sexual abuse by executives and lied about her condition to the doctors on studio
>However, the lawsuit claimed her condition was something she had for years
>Some reports say she went from home to the doctors
>She also had health issues prior

>One of the biggest youtubers of all time
>Apparently he has a porn collection of his fans, and raped a girl. >He also apparently bragged about raping said girl on social media.
>So despite having SJWs, Haters, Fans and many others, NO ONE has seen the post publicly shaming this women
>Not to mention all the gossip/news/drama youtubers who would love this information.
>Keemstar(who has an allegation himself) would have a heart attack out of joy for this
>Oh yeah, he thinks hes untouchable despite fucking up youtube's flagging system over some of his recent antics
>Do I need to get started on Toby Turner?

>Corey Feldman
>In 2014 he released a book that coded six of his names.
>Most of them have been solved by fans, and have been findable on google for years
>CDAN claim that he has been bought off in recent years because he was asking them for money. He also believes he might talk about dead people.
>However, all the names have been confirmed in recent years with the exception of the A-liter(who is believed to be Charlie Sheen)
>Some of these men can be traced within his history regarding the subject.
>Ironically, IF he did lie, it wouldn't matter because they've been on record in 1993
>Also according to CDAN Feldman might've groped women, and fucked a sheep with Haim(apparently its suppose to be a joke too). So who knows at this point?

Are all of these stories fake? Obviously not. Theres a lot of news that match perfectly to the news. But can some of the be bullshit? Oh yeah, and its outright defamatory. He just takes what he hears and doesn't even have decent fact checking. This wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't talking to Gabe Hoffman, a man who gives a shit about child abuse. I don't hold Enty on some higher pedestal like many others do. I think hes sensational first, and truth 2nd. But again, some of it is true, but I question some of his integrity.

Owlette said...

@poni-tayl hahaha this made me snort out loud :-)

Owlette said...

Yes Ted C!

GoogleSleuth said...

+ 1000, @sd auntie. I was a lurker for a very long time and all this “clicks for cash” bullshit is just infuriating. If all y’all really want to help the kids, then go help the kids. Spouting off Illuminati references and making only vaguely tenable connections helps no one. I can spot the right-wing clickbait from a mile away... tsk, tsk, Enty.

Terry Teratoma said...

The only thing I can say about people using Weinstein as proof of Enty's cred, is other sites reported on him, too, one of which was Lainey Gossip, but because she used his name, she was threatened with a lawsuit and stopped. Dlisted has made many mentions of Weinstein's reputation over the years. I've seen other sites do the same, but I'm listing those two because they're probably the most well known among the posters here, especially Dlisted. Not saying Enty's Weinstein blinds weren't great, because they were, and I'm happy he posted them, and I absolutely believe he was a contributor to Weinstein's downfall. I'm saying it isn't incontrovertible proof that EVERYTHING he says is 100% true.

katsm0711 said...

So the Clintons were running a pedophile ring out of The Standard?

Kno Won said...

Someone’s burning through old mysteries, either in print or on film.
I’m really not sure how any new films get made, what with all the code words and special instructions everyone in the industry seems to have to use. I wonder if updates or changes are broadcast via Variety.

Kno Won said...

There’s also the option that Enty is trolling crazy people.

Kno Won said...

Or Enty’s trolling crazies.
My cognitive abilities are just fine, thanks.
My critical thinking is especially sharp.

Kno Won said...

People who are obsessed with “deviants” are often closet deviants, themselves.
Some of us choose to think about other things now & again. Those of us who are capable of thinking about other things, that is.

Kno Won said...

In what way? Fits what?

Kno Won said...

I see you learned a new phrase, though i doubt ‘cognitive dissonance’ means what you seem to think it means.
You know who thinks everyone else is a pedophile? Pedophiles. Think about something else for 20 seconds, Malignment.
And then take your meds, ffs.

Kno Won said...

I find your lack of batshittery disturbing.

Kno Won said...

Fans of bdsm require slightly more obvious insinuation than a ping pong paddleπŸ™„

Kno Won said...

Your knowledge of BDSM is derived solely from 50 Shades, amirite!

Kno Won said...

Mostly every building, actually. If not, Huma creates one on their behalf.
Clinton Derangement Syndrome has found a home with Enty.
Sadly, I think Enty’s hitched his wagon to the wrong gold mine.
When it ends, real commenters won’t be back & he won’t be able to buy clicks.

Roman Holiday said...

I love this site :) I think Enty is trolling!

Lucy_Eyelesbarrow__ said...

Anyone else remember this indictment of Enty? Who could have cared about blind items enough to plant a story in The Post? Furthermore, why was this backed up by the gossip community? It caused many to have their faith shaken in the site.


BTW-Once pointed in a direction by the esteemed ninja sleuths here, most of this stuff is hiding in plain sight. Whats so gratifying is, if you start searching, its pretty amazing how we can come to similar conclusions. I think Little Timmy was when I started realizing that these people were really in the know regarding HWood lore.

Also, time usually outs these blinds quite satisfactorily. For us with voracious minds, the trolling won't matter, because we are dug in. Regardless of who Enty is or his unknowable motives we will just have to see--the truth will out, as Himmmm asserts--and many of us here are able to play a very very long game.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Standard Hotel that just lost two of their employees in that helicopter crash?

alliebabycat said...

Long time reader/lurker. I stayed through the site changes, I live my gossip, i believe with a grain of sand...but my god is this becoming an Infowars, Breitbart kind of place-with an agenda of misinformation and villianizing the left at all costs? I come here for gossip, not a political agenda. Too much of that everywhere else.

Guesser said...

@rose riveter,+1million about the " ".I thought it was just me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Can you imagine if everyone did it?

Guesser said...

@Terry Teratoma, Lainey doesn't have comments,though,so stories basically are forgotten until they come out. To everyone, I said this before,Enty,now and ten years ago, used red herrings and,one blind fits all reveals. He also went through several baiting styles,like focusing on reality TV, or music, or whatever was in for fan fiction. Those of you who hate this, simple, don't respond, or at least keep it simple. The more you respond, the more you get.Also,as far as telling people to go help kids,how do you know we don't, and how dare you accuse people of being pedos when a lot of the people who want this story out were victims themselves, who want it out regardless of whether their favorite actor, politician, or sports star gets trapped. For some reason,when Hillary Clinton is implicated, we are crazy people,off our meds,or wearing tinfoil hats. I think the biggest concern for you is it might be true. I seriously hope these stories aren't true,but I agree with an early comment,something will happen this year,it will take someone brave enough to face the consequences, because there will be consequences.

luckythewondercat said...

Why were the people in the helicopter crash killed? What is larping.

Dumblesnore said...

I'm surprised this rather boring and believable blind started all of this discussion about 4chan and shit. But then again, I'm surprised when we're supposed to think Dakota Johnson is attractive, too. A lot of shit surprises me sometimes, what can I say.

Sd Auntie said...

Yup. That kind of stuff is not dark, depressing and out of this world. Look. With my job, I have to deal With lots of stuff that is tough and would rather read about coke who're of the week or yatchers any day. I am not an accountant or office clerk. I have a CAREER that consumer most of my day. This site is how I unwind. Tell a frickin joke and get over yourself.

Poni-Tayl said...

I bought a case of Snickers Bars, I'm giving them out to the disabled kids in the front 2 rows next to me that I encounter every year at the Billy Joel concert this Friday. I personally think they will actually enjoy the treat as opposed to some posters here. (Yeah, I have connections)

sandy2319 said...

I have no idea what this blind means but Adam Schiff is married to George Soros daughter I believe so that is the connection. And yo truthers don't listen to AJ, AJ is a joke, they do exchange info in his comment sections but most of you wouldn't understand it. The international pedophile ring is very real and so is international human traffiking. I literally watch my boyfriend murdered in front me in SF in 98, he was doing a story on it. So you can close your eyes if you want but don't get mad at the people who are working to expose these things.

AkhaldanSolo said...

It's quite refreshing to see such new and bright minds mop up the floor with those apathetic idiots that seem to have frequented this place quite extensively for years evidently with their thumbs up their asses the entire time. How do we know? They'll be the first to tell you. BIG DEAL. You know what that tells me? That people like you suffer from some sort of narcissistic self righteous addiction to vicarous satisfaction yourselves, regardless of your finger pointing.Seems most of you have done nothing with this information, for years. Now, I'm noticing more involvement from people less willing to settle for the status quo and are beginning to question everything. It's disgusting to even try to finish a comment when plot, sandybrook and a couple other old farts in the wind begin flapping their windbag because everything they say is the same old normie argument about that fat gas bag AJones and blah blah blah the clintons and oh my god you people are so tired. I think it must be cognitive dissonance because it's closing in on you so fast, because you've been so comfortable and unprepared for years just sitting around actually ENJOYING your gossip. Don't you think that's in any way pathetic? Or pathological?

About 40 people jumped in there to shovel how true Entry's blinds are and you STILL ARGUE THE POINT and are trying to say 80 to 90% untrue. What kind of fan are you? You sound to me like resident trolls.

These new generations aren't as apethetic as you ol hamburger joint and roller skates boomer gens, your closed eyes are what lead to this mess in the first place. And those of you that aren't that old acting that way? What?

Mary Lamb said...

Yet here you are causing at least one comment. How many times have you commented on this thread?
It's all good for business, especially provocative commenters.

Mary Lamb said...

It either means "Live-Action Role-Playing" or the poster meant 'carping'. I'm thinking the latter but I could be wrong.

LizOz said...

@sd could actually not agree more

Mary Lamb said...

Every single thing written about here is true. Whether the clues are solved, dead on, remains part of the mystery.
Isn't it wonderful when disgusting pieces of shit go down?
I don't care how many sites post the same inuendo/clues, as long as 'someone' is reading them that have the power to bring pedophiles and abusers down? I think that more than balances thing out.
And yeah, fuck the partisan-shit idiocracy.
People, and I mean anyone, can be devoid of knowledge of wrong-doing withing their clear view. That goes for charities, foundations and any corporation. It happens. And then, sometimes people we respect fail miserably. How about if you found out that your favorite teacher or coach or even your uncle were a pedophile? It happens every god damned day. You know what else happens everyday?
Fathers are jailed for molesting their own children.
Priests sexually abuse.
Important people have people who find out whatever shit they can on other important people. That's the norm.
Okay, rambling here but you get my drift.
So, in closing, if you don't think that 'someone' who can speak out or someone who's in the position to investigate aren't reading, then you don't have much imagination.
I know at least one, very well respected writer, reads these 'much commented on' posts.

sandy2319 said...

Adam Schiff tied to Standard hotel that ran a pedo ring out it. I mispoke AS sister is supposedly married to one of Soros sons haven't 100% confirmed that. Standard Hotel is owned by Standard International which is a LLC. Allegedly this is a satanic org that operates out of this place. Can't find a name associated with any of the shells will need in depth research. That is all I have right now but sounds like a good lead for anyone who is chasing rabbit holes.

Unknown said...

These comments are more entertaining than the blinds!

But seriously: why the fuck would it be far fetched to assume a wealthy Hotelier, who wants to schmooze with A list Oscar winners, would offer them a discreet service such as this, for their sexual transgressions? It's TOTALLY believable.
And why did sex trafficking and pedophilia get mixed up in this? Where does it say that in this blind? Nowhere.

People need to stop focusing so much on the name Weishaupt and where it comes from as they're giving sub-educated celebrities and those who wish to impress them, too much credit. I don't believe in any fucking Illuminati. But I do believe in drug addled stupid-brains and thirsty coke-snorting Hoteliers who think it's a cool and funny name to use for this type of thing. It's doesn't have to mean anything, beyond 'hey George, how about we use the name of that illuminati founder, wouldn't that be awesome?' 'Yeah, Andre, that's so funny, we are so very clever and hilarious...Weishaupt... Brilliant!'

MovieBuff said...

Most concerned with deviant behavior in others will not lift an actual leg to hit the pavement and do a thing to stop whatsoever they let themselves believe is true. This means they know in the deepest corners of their minds it’s untrue. I see this saying a lot here “if you know this is happening report it ENTY 😩😒😭🀬.

Well, I say you citizen readers take your printouts and your phones to authorities yourselves if you believe these things are true. Don’t sit back believing tons of kids are being made victims of sexual abuse by Hollywood elite and your only actionable “help” is to type some mean angry words into the cyber netherworlds.

If you don’t wanna alert authorities because you will look crazy to them. How do you think you look to us posting these goofy ass theories?

There’s a time in life when we have to ask our own selves Am I Crazy 😜?

Unknown said...

Your last question MovieBuff , you should ask yourself. Or at least 'How confused am I ?'

I.e. I live in London, I am not an entertainment lawyer who gets inside tips. Enty is. He does. He knows many of these people personally. Has for decades. Most readers here do not.

You see where I'm going here with this?
My bet is, probably still confused.

Sd Auntie said...

Thanks Liz! You are very sweet! Would not be suprised that most of these people are unemployed millinials waiting for mommy and daddy to pay their rent or college tuition.

Unknown said...

For those people not in Los Angeles, the Standard is not a place where any celebrity would go. Hell, even the average Joe couldn't be discreet at either one. Not buying the deaths as a connection to this blind.

Unknown said...

Maybe the people who set this thing up are gamers - Kedke Kedle Vedke is some ceramic thing that shoots out projectiles that say illuminate and the cost to buy it in the game is $3711133339. Personally, I find it pretty humorous!


james2051 said...

The golden rule is, if in doubt, then it's probably Charlie Sheen.

Poni-Tayl said...

I just have a connection to get free Snickers Bars....Jeez Louweeze

Nubian princess said...

Agreed! Yesss to Ted C reveals!

Halloweenie said...

^^^^ this. These forces are trying to completely divide this country and get vengeance for their loss or perceived loss of white male( and female) power. Xenophobia always rears it's ugly head in times like this. Hitler's blamed everything on the Jews. Replace the word Hollywood with Jews and you have the new right wing in America. Historically speaking, Hitler also made Germany's economy stronger and gave certain Germans more patriotic pride. Sadam Hussein did the same for his country. Desposts and political sociopaths have to have certain societal conditions present in order to take control and bring about a totalitarian nation. To be fair it's more about Pence and his ilk waiting in the wings for when Trump inevitably falls. They're the ones I'm actually frightened about. I've read with my own two incredulous eyes 4chan nutters and Trump cult members attempt to conflate the fall of Weinstein
to Donald Trump . The fall of Weinstein came about in an article written by Ronan Farrow in a newspaper read by so called liberals and college educated people. I can assure you that Ronan is as far from a Trump supporter or conspiracy conservative as a person can get. Rumor also has it he may not be straight. So a liberal gay man brought Weinstein down. A gay mans word brought Spacey down. What in the fucking fuck does any of that have to do with the serial prostitute user cheater Trump? So once again the Trump cultists attach Trump to something that
has absolutely nothing to do with him. Remember, if you like your weed, Trump's administration is attempted to stop legalization and take away your rights. If you enjoy a free internet, Trump's administration is trying to remove that as well. It's insidious . He's paid off the enquirer ( a reach if millions) us weekly ( ditto) blindgossip ( ditto). This is a scary mofo.

plot said...

+1 Halloweenie

Hanniam said...

@samantha: Adam Schiff has no sister. The Melissa Soros (nΓ©e: Schiff) who’s having a messy divorce with Soros the Younger isn’t even related to him.

Hanniam said...

@plot Circles are called circles for a reason, eh? Turns out the Schiff-Soros “family” connection was made out of an incorrect assumption that Melissa Schiff of New York was related to Adam Schiff of California. She isn’t. And he doesn’t even have a sister. Snopes dug into the whole thing today and solidly debunked it.

That said, being bankrolled by MoveOn sounds more like a feature than a bug to me.

Hanniam said...

@Sandy: Adam Schiff is neither George Soros’ son in law nor the brother in law of Soros’ son. Snopes debunked the alleged family connection this morning.

Hanniam said...

Snopes 100% confirmed that Adam Schiff does not even have a sister, much less the Melissa Schiff (no relation) who is in the midst of a messy divorce from Soros Jr, who she married 25 years ago.

plot said...

Thanks Hanniam for posting the details about Schiff's imaginary sister!

designace001 said...

The man that showed up was Simon Fuller.

*should take guesses a entirely new direction

designace001 said...

Interestingly Mnuchin was also part of this chains back story via his sketchy hedge fund Dune Capital.

designace001 said...

Schiff was rickrolled pretty good by those comedians during the campaign eh?.. lol as reported in Daily Mail today olga putala lol

just for you plot hahaha!!

sandy2319 said...

Yeah this just keeps getting weirder

I am on the fence about the Q posts by here is this one:
Qanon posts point to Adam Schiff running protection for Standard Hotel and Archdiocese for Miami scrubs a helicopter crash victim from their list of donors! Some incident with Adam SHIff happened at a hotel and was covered up. He is repaying the favor by trying to cover this up. Anons, we are looking for a death cover-up of AS doing Pedophilia at The Standard Hotel ?????? What happened @ hotel? [AS] What is [AS] attempting right now? Favor repaid. Pedo ring human trafficking at hotel, Adam shiftys district, he knew, he’s trying to cut a deal cause he knows he’s grass. How ‘they’ control those they need. One recent example. Relevant today. Learn. Q Super Powers ACTIVATE!! : “I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” Today is [D][of][D] day

Thanks for the Adam Schiff Sister Claification. Not sure this actually relates to the blind but rather interesting none the less. Other than the Q posts I found no other link to the pedo stuff and like I said I am not a Q believer myself.

Unknown said...

Wow @ Halloweenie, when somebody as unhinged as plot agrees with your psychotic and nonsensical ramblings, you know you are in need of stronger medication.

designace001 said...

@Sandy 2319 Who was the 4th passenger on the helicopter? Pretty hush, hush about that, not being reported at all except in early reports, a fourth passenger. Wondering was it Buck?

DahliGama63 said...

It’s interesting you searched that ... maybe that twitter account is like what the blind says , a ways of tracking n contacting people. It’s a great way to hide in plain sight without having records of a debt ... maybe the debt isn’t money but blackmail . Which is why it also says they don’t collect on the debt

Nic said...

@ Kurt “...Sandy and plot, among others, act as self-appointed gatekeepers...trying to keep too much reality from seeping through. Some of this may come from protecting their delusion that the world isn't as pervasively screwed up as it is, some of it may just be stupid being stupid...in any case…onward.”

Nah, I think you’re right in the first place. (Gatekeepers) These posters doth protest too much, try too hard deflect guesses and run interference and plug up the comment section with long-winded/multiple responses meant to degrade the commentary-- the result being casual readers click off/do not read further. As soon as I see their names/long-winded and multiple responses, I skim on by and continue reading because their hyper-sensitive response to the blind tells me I am reading very sensitive information, even if it is only partial info and buried in fiction.

Bottom line: Don’t feed the trolls.

Nic said...

@SimplyMasonZero, re Heather O’Rourke. There was a previous blind about a child actor “dancing” after hours on stage for TV producers, etc. The guess was Heather O’Rourke. I went digging and found this video of her dancing and lip-syncing to Jingle Bell Rock for a kids’ program Christmas special and it made me very sad


I’m not so plugged into the entertainment community that I know producers/directors, etc., etc. But I’m sure if a CDANer went digging into who put this show together, I wouldn't be surprised if they discovered some player continuum.

SimplyMason0 said...

I'm not denying the studios are shady. One of the Feldman names has Bob Hoffman, who was a casting executive for Happy Days, and theres all the stuff in Charles in Charge. I do believe that shit might be going on.

What I'm more focused on is the death details. The Blind Reveal and the official reports, lawsuits, and statements from the mother don't add up.

schweetyfleety said...

Not every conspiracy is a theory. It was CDAN blinds that blew the Weinstein debacle wide open, I might add.

plot said...


It was Ronan Farrow and Rose McGowan that blew open the Weinstein debacle. Enty was just the same as every other gossip site concerning Weinstein, from way back on the Usenet in the 90s. Everyone knew Weinstein was having sex with his starlets for roles and acclaim. NO ONE talked about rape in the context of Weinstein until Farrow did his story for the New Yorker, not Enty, not anyone.

usa said...

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codyave said...

company: Standard Hotels

head of the company: CEO Amar Lalvani

particular location: The Standard (downtown LA)

two employees who died: Kimberly Lynne Watzman and Brian Reichelt (deaths: January 31st, 2018)

new owner: former Goldman Sachs trader David Heller

original owner: Andre Balazs

clientele who showed up with two young women/"nieces": Jeffrey Epstein

A+ list mostly movie actor who lives most of the year overseas: George Clooney

A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and is known all over the world: Angelina Jolie

older white who would often come with young black men: Ed Buck

Mary Lamb said...

You got it all.
Everyone knows about the Standard and it's reputation.
AndrΓ© Balazs is one scary mother fucker. All of his properties are suspect of criminal activity.
He has everyone in his pocket, including celebrities and world leaders. Those pesky hidden cameras.
The dirt he has from the Chateau Marmont alone must be worth a billion.

Martinez said...

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