Friday, March 09, 2018

Blind Item #3 - Club Fed - Mr. Hedge

This A-list CEO just had a key person leave his company very abruptly.  Very key person.  No mention of a successor or transition period. This is almost unheard of, for that particular position, at such a large publicly traded company.

The very-recently departed employee held the position closest to some alleged financial wrongdoing.  If he has talked to the Feds - it will all unravel very quickly for this A-list CEO. 

Then again, almost every key department head underneath our CEO has jumped in just the last few months, like rats off a sinking ship. 

This CEO and his actress ex-girlfriend were spotted at the same pre-Oscar party.  Both the CEO and his ex took a clear friend as their date, yet avoided the other like the plague the entire time.   


andrea said...

Elon :(

Tricia13 said...


one_eyed_bob said...


CuriousTex said...

timebob said...

ever since Elon got vagimatized by Amber it seems things have been going downhill for him personally and professionally. She is a man killer.

Bia said...

Yep, Tesla.

"Branderiz’s exit is just the latest in a string of high-level departures from the company, including Jon McNeill, president of global sales and service. Besides McNeill, the company has also lost Chief Financial Officer Jason Wheeler, Kurt Kelty, director of battery technology, and Diarmuid O’Connell, vice president of business development."

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh God. It's like an episode of "Billions". 🍿

I thought Elon left something himself too (I vaguely remember it had to do with the AI thing and a French article said said something about a conflit of interest, so I thought that, it wasn't too long after the ICRC blogged about his flamethrowers because it made me wonder, "huh, maybe the guy does care about ethics after all"—I had no idea about the accounting dude). 🤷🏻‍♀️

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Elon Musk is probably the subject.

But, Hey! I thought Trump!

Since being Prez he has continuously demonstrated his inability to run a large organization.

(Wall Street analysis say Trump International is just a boutique company where Trump controled everything. Thus, no experience in delegating to other companies or departments.)

The "Rats off a sinking ship" is all over twitter referring to him.

Then, again, my guesses could be wrong -- as usual.


andrea said...

+1. She is the absolute worst.

DumDumPop said...

Elon's ex wife that he screwed over spilled the beans on what kind of person he is. If he goes down, I'm getting some good popcorn. Hope he takes Trump with him!

Sal Salington said...

Mr. Hedge does have it in for Elon, doesn't he?

Not saying it's unfair, but this isn't even a blind, it's publicly reported news re-skinned.


I think you may be underestimating how screwed Elon is.

IanPhlegming said...

Musk is a total front man. He may be becoming too obvious. "You can tell it's real because it looks so fake....I'm tripping balls here!" He's putting us all on, perhaps more than he's supposed to.

SmithSmith said...

Yet again, Mr. Hedge (aka Gabe Hoffman) is taking a shot at Tesla and Musk for financial gain. Lemme it break it down for you.

First, Hoffman is THE bear of Tesla. To be sure, he's shorted the company.

Second, Hoffman runs two funds: Accipiter and Candens Capital.

Third, both funds hold major stock in Foresight Energy. Accipiter's biggest holding by far (68%) is Foresight Energy.

Fourth, what does Foresight Energy do? Well, surprise, surprise... Foresight produces coal. The coal industry ain't exactly best friends with Tesla and Musk, whose goal is to move away from fossil fuels.

So, yeah, this BI isn't so much about sharing juicy information as it is about making money.

By the way, Mr. Hoffman... I see you're still buddy-buddy with Mike Cernovich on Twitter. Seems kind of odd for someone who produced "An Open Secret" to be chummy with a guy who said these things:

“You can't rape the willing."
"Have you guys ever tried "raping" a girl without using force? Try it. It's basically impossible. Date rape does not exist."
"When is the last time women organized to support a men's rights issue? Stop being sticks. Who cares about breast cancer and rape? Not me."
"Women enjoy rough sex because "ability to kill males and rape females" was primary evidence of evolutionary fitness."
"Since prison rape is no big deal (after all, criminals deserved to be raped), why don't we have co-ed prisons?"

Shame on you, Gabe Hoffman.


Short Netflix!


Nobody gives a shit you thrift store spook

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But the secret is to act like you do not give a fuck. Most men can’t deal with the level of hotness that Amber is. Simply act like you do not give a fuck. Hot women cannot stand it. They’ve lost their power. Or so they think. You’re just acting like you do not give a fuck.

B626 said...

Does Elon Musk want to make electric cars or
Rocket launching Vanitiy projects?
Ooh there goes his 2008 Red Roadster
Orbiting forever!

Brayson87 said...

+1 Sal and Smith, Mr Hedge does have it in for Musk.

Brayson87 said...

I'll have more faith in these blinds when they're about companies Mr Hedge doesn't bet against.

zerooptions said...

You're right, there are any number of experimental micro-satellites he could have launched on that last project.
Yet, he chose to send a used car into space.
There's enough space junk in orbit right now.

Jane said...

Thank you Smithsmith.


Read this as Red Lobster

ancoranonhocapito said...


"The coal industry ain't exactly best friends with Tesla and Musk, whose goal is to move away from fossil fuels."

I wouldn't image the coal industry having a beef with Musk, seeing that globally almost 70% of the electricity is created by burning coal or gas (something that clearly the Tesla fans don't want to hear about). The oil industry would see Musk as an enemy, perhaps, though not at this stage of the game.

The real story here is another one of course, that "Elon Musk", whatever he's a front of, evidently finds himself in the middle of a wide political battle. I figure this is why he's the subject of all these blinds, even though he isn't less full of shit than all the other silicon valley frauds we hardly ever hear about.


What's Pierre Omidyar up to these days?
Deep in the bunker?

Unknown said...

@Geeljire This is so me, lololol.

GoogleSleuth said...

This was actually really eye-opening info- thank you. Regardless of political leaning, I would think that anyone with a brain would question hypocrisy like this. I’m a bit of an odd breed here... a steadfast liberal who believes that Hollywood and Washington are both full of creeps, and that the majority of these conspiracies hold at least a grain of truth. They all look out for their own best interests, period. There are shitty Republicans and shitty Democrats alike; it is a bipartisan issue. I just think it’s always good to have all the info available when forming an opinion- so thank you. 🙏🏻

Unknown said...

I just hope we keep giving huge taxpayer subsidies for him to blow on bimbos.

Karma said...

Elon Musk's greatest accomplishment should be sending gold digging, sexually ambiguous bad actresses on a one-way trip to space...forever!

Chug ChooChoo said...

Long time reader finally back to the comments section. What is this dirt on Musk, why will it unravel for him? Even if Mr. Hedge is shorting, I think that Musk's gamble paid off and he will be in the black now. I'm sure he is a sociopath of some sort as you almost have to be in order to get that much power.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the mega-rich Elite seem to 'lay low' these days. People who used to be very vocal and visible.
It's interesting.
If 'they' continue to ferret out corruption, who knows... one day maybe I will earn more than $10.50 an hour?
One can only hope

HH314 said...

Musk will prevail, because history and progress and all. Coal industry will slowly die off. I imagine horse harness producers and manure peddlers also had a lot to say when the first automobile came on the market.


It's in the European nobility style guide.

xyzxyz33 said...

Elon Musk: The Welfare Queen
What Happens When Billions of Taxpayer Funds Dry Up.

Elon is the same as any other Welfare Queen.
They never learned to support themselves because it was never required.
What happens when the faucet is turned off?

Why would anyone be surprised?
Elon Musk is a CON MAN: Confidence Man.
So much PR/Marketing with NOTHING behind the curtain.
He is the WIZARD of OZ.

Elon is the new Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos.

HH314 said...

I beg to differ. Unlike Holmes, he actually produced cars and showed us all rocket launches. It will take some time for him to generate profits, but he will do it. He may actually turn into the first trillonaire in history

SmithSmith said...

@ancoranonhocapito said...

"I wouldn't image the coal industry having a beef with Musk, seeing that globally almost 70% of the electricity is created by burning coal or gas (something that clearly the Tesla fans don't want to hear about). The oil industry would see Musk as an enemy, perhaps, though not at this stage of the game."


Oh, really. You don't imagine the coal industry having a beef with Musk? Then why do Robert Murray (CEO of Murray Energy, #4 American producer of coal) and Elon Musk have a longstanding beef?

What is Murray Energy? Yes, they're a major domestic coal producer. What's also interesting is that Murray took a controlling interest in Foresight Energy a few years ago. That same Foresight Energy (again, a major coal producer) that is the single biggest holding for Gabe Hoffman's (Mr. Hedge) Accipiter Capital Management.

What's also interesting is that Foresight Energy was founded and is run by billionaire Christoper Cline. Cline runs Foresight Reserves and the Cline Group out of Palm Beach Gardens. Hoffman also runs Accipiter out of Palm Beach Gardens. Their addresses:

Foresight and Cline Group - 3801 PGA Blvd. Suite 903, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Accipiter - 3801 PGA Blvd. Suite 600, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Final curious tidbit:

Though it's probably nothing, google "Christopher Cline," "Harvey Weinstein," and "Ryan Kavanaugh."

An odd coincidence, indeed, but certainly just a coincidence. Regardless, it's interesting how interests and situations intersect.

CJ said...

Hope he takes Trump with him!

Huh? Elon got all his subsidies from politicians not named Trump.

Jen Ty said...

Clap clap clap, thanks SmithSmith.

So I see fake facts from a coal lover.

"70% of the world's electricity is from coal."

"Coal-fired power plants currently fuel 37% of global electricity."
From the World Coal Association

The one problem US producers have - the money is in the export but the US has competition. China produces a lot of its own coal and imports the rest but the US is not the top exporter of coal. Australia is and where do you think China is getting its imported coal from first.

China said they recognized they can't continue with coal or they will have a very sick work force and they do have universal health care, gasp so it is costing them more money than if they start in invest in cleaner energy- they cancelled the plans for 144 new coal plants and are jumping hard core into renewables that is if you can trust the information coming from China. China these days seems to be more forward thinking than the US and Xi seems like a smart cookie, well definitely smarter than you know who, now if they can wean India off the coal but they too produce a large portion of the coal they use.

Jen Ty said...

Ryan Kavanaugh got away with his scam again - a judge dismissed a fraud law suit vs Relativity Media. RK the Donald Trump of Hollywood. Borrow other's people money, live high off the hog, run company into the ground and just go bankrupt. Rinse and repeat.

Sucker born every minute or they are all in on the scam.

gauloise said...

Musk owes everything to US govt subsidies and the American taxpayer, so not really feeling sad for him. Taxes shouldnt go to millionaire entrepreneurs in a capitalist society.

Unknown said...

GoogleSlueth...same. Thank you for being sane and rational.

SmithSmith said...


I'm sure you'd say the same for coal subsidies and the billionaire coal barrons who profit from those subsidies, too, right? Something tells me that Gabe Hoffman (Mr. Hedge) is not against subsidies for coal. Why do I think that? Well, ask Robert Murray... who owns Murray Energy... who has a controlling interest in Foresight Energy... which constitutes 68% of Accipiter's (ran by Hoffman) holdings.

J said...

Kno Won said...

Much like ice vendors & the refrigerator.
Time marches on.

gauloise said...

@SmithSmith I dont think coal barons should get subsidies either. Unless it is a jobs program that helps working class people where there is no other regional work outside of coal, but the working people never get the money. Not sure why you'd think I'd be into coal barons, but against electric car barons, lol.

TruthSayer said...

More "Conflict of Interest" blinds pouring out from Gabe Hoffman. I'm gonna buy a Tesla and a Netflix membership just to spite him, lol.

Snootches said...

Come on! Can't I just have Elon not be a horrible human. I need him to be quasi-decent!

Unknown said...

Not sure that anyone who knows the A-list CEO would consider him worthy of the hero worship so many give.

plot said...

@Normal Yes Indeed

"Hot women cannot stand it. They’ve lost their power."

They've not lost their power over thousands of other guys who are not you. Hot women can move on. Can you?

Burned by the pretty girls? Victim of the Red Pillers? Oh you poor dear!

plot said...


"There are shitty Republicans and shitty Democrats alike"

Yet which shitty politicians are actively seeking to end your rights, funnell all our tax money to the rich, give over the morality of the whole country to Xtian KKKrazies, destroy our department of education, the EPA, the FCC, the justice Dpt, the State Dpt, all our allegiances and allies, destroy all our treaties, imprison more users of marijuana, sell guns to children and the insane, destroy the SEC...

Which party is that?

Shitty politicians or not, which party is more likely to fight for the working systems of government and your rights?

BlissBoo said...

What's a "clear" date?

I bet somewhere Johnny Depp is laughing his ass off.

Juliaph said...

Elon Musk.


How many billions has he gotten from the govt in subsidies? Kind of like coming up with your own carbon credits, Al Gore...

Unknown said...

She’s not even that hot. Very average in my book

Southern Man said...

Good grief- think people! You guys are smart, smarter than me for the most part.
Put the pieces together on Musk:

- everything he does is heavily government subsidized directly or indirectly
- he uses beards (fake gf's) as cover
- he wears a rug (ie, a phony)
- everything he runs existed before he came on the scene (tesla as obvious example)
- he says obvious jokes/almost taunting us to call him out: "I read a physics textbook." and "It looks so fake, that's how you know it has to be real..." You can't make this stuff up.

He's a total front man/empty hat for the military/industrial complex.

Alana said...

I hate windmill farms. Big subsidies from state and federal government. Unsightly also...

Jennacheryl said...

And Johnny Depp is vindicated. By the way did she ever donate the money?
It does appear to be Musk,I hope it's not but still.
I am sorry not to go on long just long week and totally exhausted.
Coal will still be used, maybe not as prominently here but other countries, including a few 1st world countries.
Musk already separated himself from Trump.

Maz Misandrist said...

tell that to the steel industry


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