Monday, June 11, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 3, 2018

That celebrity CEO’s company can’t can’t afford to offer leases on their newest model. Their financials are much more dire than is generally known.

Elon Musk


Jack said...

poor Elon. During the last blind about how he was turned down for loans, he made a billion dollars in 8 hours. 33,600,000 shares x 28.73. Boo hoo

sandybrook said...

Aww gee Hedge the stock price is up $10 today. Trying to get it to go the other way with this reveal?? Nice try though😂

Anonymous said...

Little boys and their toys!

Brayson87 said...

+1 Jack & sandybrook, I can always tell if a stock is up if we see a Tesla or Netflix blind. This was the headline end of day of the last Tesla blind:

plot said...

Hedge has such a hardon for Musk. This has gone from just losing a ton of money shorting Tesla (hehehe!) to being a jealous or passionate obsession. Looks like a giant photo of Musk is hanging over his bed, replacing the one of HRC.

Pope of Hollywood said...

I don't believe any of this Elon stuff

Kate said...

This ‘blind’ literally came straight from Musk’s tweets. A couple of days before it was posted he was talking openly about how Tesla wouldn’t offer leases on the Model 3 until production was at a higher rate, because financially it makes no sense to do it at the moment. He isn’t hiiding the fact they need to sell (sell not lease) a lot of higher spec Model 3’s before the cost of production makes up for itself and things like leasing are financially viable.

Spitbite said...

Musk seems to be a Market Disruptor and I also wonder if all the anti-Elon FUD is intended to destabilise him or give a heart attack to his cash flow so the company goes down and all his disruption can go into the pockets and control of the legacy Market Leaders.

Perhaps also being alert to any future Apple or a future Bill Gates from the IBM and MS DOS days 'they' are trying to carve it up and own it before it ever becomes a threat.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

I posted before about this.

The BANK won't do the lease for his cars (most likely) because of the Residual Value of the cars being too low.

It's NOT the manufacturing company that finances leases. It's a bank or lender.

If the bank or lender don't see a future re-sale value, then you can't get a lease on those cars.

Southern Man said...

The real reason for no leases is that the residual values of these things will fall off a cliff...

You can lease a vehicle and build in for the depreciation, unless it's too great which makes being the lessor a very losing proposition financially.

Marsh666 said...

Does Musk send an army of sycophantic bots to respond to posts on here like he does on Twitter? You bootlickers are so transparent.

plot said...

You really think Musk gives a shit about what is written on a farflung message board on a gossip site? Maybe he would Reddit, but only sorta sad celebrities send their minions here.

Hey AJ!

Poor Mick said...

Why are you all so happy sucking this guy's dick? What makes him any different from a Bezos or a Zuckerberg, except that he's also a smug douche with bad taste? And don't say SpaceX because that's all government contracts and the withering husk of NASA.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with rooting for his downfall, and in fact I consider it a public moral duty.

Poor Mick said...

99 times out of a 100 "disruption" is just reinventing that already exists and making a version that treats its workers and customers worse while skirting labor laws and making money on surcharges; look at Uber and taxis, or Airbnb and hotels. In what way has anything out of any of Musk's magical elf workshops reached a point where it's been accessible and transformative to normal, everyday people?

Who are the people that actually own and buy Teslas? Who in their right mind is going to trust a Hyperloop built by someone who thinks he's too good for and fundamentally doesn't get the point of public transit? Why is he selling flamethrowers, and why are they shoddy, weak pieces of junk compared even to weed torches you could find at a hardware store?

If you actually stop for five minutes and ask yourself what he's doing and what he's done, there are few people more all-filler no-killer than Musk. Predicting his eventual downfall is like saying it's going to rain; it's an inevitability. And you're all laughing about the fucking stock market? Since when has the stock market had anything to do with the actual value of anything, as opposed to PERCEIVED or ASSIGNED value? They cratered the economy a decade ago, got off scott free for it, and suddenly we fucking trust them again? The markets keep hitting record highs and nobody outside of the CEOs and the traders seems to get a fucking dime. You all must be big into cryptocoin right now, too.

Please pull your heads out of asses; even if it really is too late to fix things, at least we can die trying to pull up instead of leaning more into the nosedive. This shit hits a nerve with me, what can I say.

plot said...

"In what way has anything out of any of Musk's magical elf workshops reached a point where it's been accessible and transformative to normal, everyday people?"


"Since when has the stock market had anything to do with the actual value of anything,"

Not much, never has, never will. But Enty and Hedge's blinds are based on their deep knowledge of the stock market...which shows they don't know very much in actuality. That is all. Nothing anyone has written is about the stock market itself.

"we fucking trust them again?"

Who is your "we"?

Poor Mick said...

PayPal's entire business model is middle-man surcharges on "secure" transactions that lags so hard on security they're still on "1.5-factor authorization" text message confirmations, so swing and a miss.

Even if you really want to give that one to him, that's still a dismal batting average and a slump almost two decades long. And yet, his fawning dick-riders make me finally understand how Bond villains source all their incompetent henchmen. If you don't count yourself among them, more power to you.

plot said...

"his fawning dick-riders"

See, after that kind of dramz to please yourself, I tend to not believe a word you say. Call me crazy.

Does PayPal fit your criteria of being -

" accessible and transformative to normal, everyday people?"


Yes, baby, most of us know the stock market is fuckt. You attain no glory for pounding on that.

Schneiderisnext said...


Have you ever admitted you are wrong?


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