Thursday, July 19, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Mr. Hedge

March 14, 2018

This recently retired former A+ list athlete is off to a very shaky start at his new big venture.  The whole thing is going to be an epic disaster.  He set the whole thing up to be a heads-I-win-big and tails-I-break-even scenario for himself.

As someone who has seen the inner workings of the deal - his investors will see most of their money gone,  within just a few years.  Our athlete has far less of his own financial skin in the game, than what the public has been led to believe.

Athlete / Team:

Derek Jeter/Miami Marlins


Guesser said...

Jeter turned out to be a jerk after all. Between this and the Herpes gift baskets.

sandybrook said...

This wasn't a BI at all. The Miami Herald wrote a huge front page story about this and how also they made the Virgin Islands their home office to avoid taxes, right about this time and before Hedge found out. Jeter isn't the businessman in the deal and the hedge fund who is is doing what hedgefunds do cut costs, sell high when it's time and make huge profits. Hedge is pissed he isn't the owner, that's all. I'm sure he submitted a bid.


Are you sure Mr. Hedge is the angry one? Are you projecting?

Unknown said...

When did Keter not have a rep as a jerk? He always played clean and repped the game very well, but personally he had a rep for being a douche.

HDNYC said...

Just want to say that I hung out with Jeter one night with a couple of his friends, and I fully expected him to be sketchy and full of himself...he was actually very nice and polite and seemed like a pretty good guy! The opposite of how you’d expect a super famous athlete to be. No jerk vibes.


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