Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #8

July 3, 2018

That A- list reality star must have a different definition of sobriety than most people.

Luann de Lesseps (and ten days later checked into rehab again)


Unknown said...

1st of all... no reality star is above B rating

2nd... who tha fuck is luann de Leper?

3rd ... who the Fuck cares???

4th ... why bag on some nobody drug addict?

... what's next? Guess the the homeless person under the bridge blinds? Slow day, huh?

Unknown said...

... I want my 2 minutes of life back I wasted reading this crap!!

Jaded said...

LMAO - it took you 2 mins to read ~25 words? Goddamn, imagine if you had to read it aloud. Wonder how long it will take you to figure out that these posts are not required reading.

Unknown said...

I know... pretty lame huh? But unfortunately I read in braille and its really Difficult on flip phone....

Rosenthal said...

Never ever heard of her until this moment

orangesoda said...

All I can say about this is that I'm happy to have never watched these shitty ass shows.

Jaded said...

@J F
Nice work trying to make me feel bad for my comment, but it doesn’t really work when you took the time to write the only two replies before mine. One of which was detailed.
Not only is it not mandatory to read (whatever method you use), it’s certainly not mandatory to reply. You chose how to spend your time.


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