Saturday, September 29, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

September 22, 2018

With new allegations about to hit in the next month, this pay cable channel is trying to rush through a season of a decently hit show before the A- list actor from an acting family is grounded for good.

HBO/The Deuce/James Franco


Dirk said...

Yeah, I figured those few allegations were just the beginning since one of them is technically rape! Not too good! Down the big Franco falls!

SteveD said...

The only reveal that is needed is WTF Enty means by "rushing" the season. It's airing on the normal schedule, and they recently greenlit the third and final season, as was planned by the creator from the beginning. Producing another season next year does nothing to get ahead of Franco charges in the next month.

If anything more comes out about Franco, they can simply write him out of the next season. Easy enough, because there's a time jump of several years between each season.

sandybrook said...

+1 Steve it started when it was supposed to ends when it's supposed to and wraps up next year maybe earlier than it was supposed to but maybe not.

Sara, Making It Work said...

I think they are maybe rushing through production, so they can finish the story arc, and not end everyone's contacts. Even if they have to stop airing the show at some point, it will be good to have the whole thing in the can. Eventually the heat will die down and they can put the full series on Blue Ray or streaming.

Spider Rico said...

Too bad it was before so we could have been spared by such drek of a series. Abhorrent what passes for art these days.

Notagoodscreenname said...

Since when is he A-list?

Rosie riveter said...

they could switch around a couple vowels and call it the douche and finish off the season

Sd Auntie said...

Good one Rosie!! Hehe

sandybrook said...

+1 Rosie anyhow Maggie is the star of the show and 42nd Street is the co-star they can finish without him.

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