Saturday, September 29, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #7

September 22, 2018

It looks like there is some movement in the relationship between this former tweener star turned A- list singer/bad adult actress and the man she had a ceremony with in Europe earlier this year. His son came to visit her. Wouldn't it be freaky, if they hooked up too.

Selena Gomez


Leanne Norman said...

I get the impression from this blind that entys search history includes a lot of farther son tag team porn

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Doesn't everyone's? :)

alicecorrine said...


Iggy said...

Isn't the billionaire in his 30s? If this is the guy she was recently pictured with that doesn't make sense lol

The Dark Side said...

This blind makes no sense. Chill out on the false rumours about her. She is trying her best just to get her life together and move on from her past.

Casemedia said...

This is absolutely wrong. Facts are:

1. The guy she was seen with and media describe as “mistery” is not mistery at all. His name is Sam Lopez, and is one of her friend’s boyfriend. Actually she was near them. You can go and see Courtney J Barry’s Instagram and prove it. She even upload an story laughing at the situation. So was it a different guy then? If so, was away from paps.

2. This “ceremony” you said happened in Europe must be by the dates you expose, when Selena was in Italy. There she was spotted with her regular friends, the only different guy was Andrea Iervolino. He is 30 years old. There’s no record he have any son or daughter or if he had any wife before. It could be anyway, but is not on the press.

3. They visited the Pope in Italy. The Pope do a lot of things and “bless” people but it’s not her work marry people. When he have “married” couples (google Pope married chilean couple on board) is so unusual it got press. Let’s say he did something like this private, that isn’t a legal act and it’s ONLY certificates in the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Selena works or promote some “churchs” but none of them are catholic, none of then are adressed by catholic church; catholic church don’t even approve this “modern churches”

4. If the guy is Iervolino, the older son he could have must be at least 15 years old. We haven’t seen any foreign (probably italian) teenage boy around Selena.

5. So, your story is inconsistent and -again, your information is incomplete. I’m a journalist and sometimes I come to your site because I know every story have different sides and there’s stuff we don’t know. But as your sources are anonymous. How can we be sure if you checked them? Do you? If you really are a lawyer, I can tell you that in Journalism you should always check your sources first. If not, you’re part of the PR world aka Gossip world, aka Hollywood world and now, still “anonymous”, you’re -SURPRISE- having money with it through your podcast, and your ads on the site. And if you do so you can pay your site, everyone should know it’s hosted on Blogger so it’s free. The most you pay is your domain and the privacy protect of it. That’s like 30 USD at most.

6. So, we don’t know your real name so we can’t know your personal interest in this context. Are you looking for “justice” or do you only want to “expose” people (sometimes false) for fun? Or fame? Or Gossip Girl complex? Or money?

7. All of the above make me think you criticize Hollywood and the “hollywood system” but you’re part of it too. And you are mean and weak since you don’t reveal your identity because “otherwise we wouldn’t have this called juicy info” right? Ok...

8. You won points with the Harvey Weinstein info, and your exposing some others stories but it’s mostly the Weinstein case who gave you “credibility”. But in some other stories you write, you’re a pig and disgusting as much as the abusers.

9. If you’re really a lawyer you should know you can’t go and name people who was abused as childrens just like that. They have lived a situation that causes trauma and pain. And if they don’t want to talk about, you should respect and wait when THEY think it’s time, not someone else because that it’s absolutely disrespectful and abusive, as much as what they experienced.

So come on Enty, you have thousands of followers, if you want change, BE the change and do things better, it’s never too late.


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