Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blind Item #2

Ahh, she already got a taste of what her new life will be. Having some people over and doing some drugs. When you think it is time for some one on one time with your man, he says to join him with the other man he has picked up for the evening. You go in the bedroom and watch as neither shows any interest in you. I wonder if she will last very long with the A list producer/wannabe rapper.


Lflooooo said...

Diddys new girl the asian model

Freckles said...

Mr Puff Diddy Daddy

fionafab said...

As I mentioned yesterday, P. Diddy was around the corner from my apt. signing merchandise at an athletic store. More cops than people. Maybe 50 kids were outside waiting for him. Didn't stick around to see if he brought his new girlfriend along. Everyone passing by thought someone had robbed the Apple Bank. I don't think the parade barricades and all the cops were necessary. A lot of show from Diddy's end.

Unknown said...

If anything, being gay was uninteresting to Judist Preist fans when Rob Halford came out in the 1990s You would believe Diddy really has nothing to lose admitting he’s bisexual. As long as no kids are involved, or rape occurs, I do not think the Diddy fans would care.

orangesoda said...

I'm not really sure that would be the case, Shawn. The black community in the US can be very homophobic.

trufflepig said...

Hip hop is all about who can get the most chicks with the biggest tits 'n asses. I don't think an openly gay rapper or hip hop producer would have much of a fan base.

VikingSong said...

African Americans are extremely homophobic, but it's never confronted because only White people are bigots..

Unknown said...

Black people can be super homophobic. Gays are persecuted horrendously in several African countries. Jailed, tortured, killed. Muslims too kill gays legally in numerous islamic countries as being gay is illegal in some of them.

But since its not white, that's alright.

Unknown said...

I hope he rides men better than he rides motorbikes.

Sd Auntie said...

Atlanta is the black San Francisco. Religion is a strong factor in anyones attitude towards gays. Its slowly becoming a non issue with POC.

fionafab said...

Atlanta has been the 'Black San Francisco' for decades. There is enormous African-American wealth there dating back to the late 50s. Atlanta is unique unto herself on many levels. I left Atlanta 50 years ago and never went back. For me it harbors incredibly sad memories. That said, I don't hesitate to highly recommend it to young people who want to have a very enjoyable life.

This afternoon, as I was returning from SoHo, I noticed a floral arrangement on the steps of the bldg. next to mine. It spelled out a name and I knew immediately who it was for. Hadn't seen him for a while and three or four months ago he ran across the street to give me a hug. Told me he was spending a lot of time in Atlanta. I knew what that meant. He was one of the major drug carriers and distributors for the neighborhood. I got a really awful feeling when he said that and told him to be really careful down there. Hotlanta ain't West Harlem, hon. Well, he didn't heed my warning and someone off'ed him. He's the second drug-related death on our block in a month. Sad.

No Name said...

The two white victims @Viking Song & @Depeche Model are so funny. “If a white was homophobic” it’s almost as if the VERY WHITE homophobic President, Vice President, & Westboro Baptist church don’t exist. Let’s also pretend Muslims are the only problem like the same christianity that the homophobic black community loves didn’t burn alive homosexuals too. Oh look, it’s bigots calling others bigots.

Sd Auntie said...

Westboro makes my head spin.despise those inbreds.

Unknown said...

No Name, I'm no victim. You will never see me screaming and ranting idiocies in the streets, in one of the most accepting, tolerant and open-minded countries in the world. I have a job and a family, too busy for that libtard bullshit of me me me, I'm so oppressed, waaa waaa waaaaaaaa...

But I'd love to see morons such as yourself do the shit you do and protest your NON ISSUES in IRAN, PAKISTAN, UGANDA, SOMALIA, GAZA etc.....

Gay people, women and minorities, never had it better than today in the western world. Never been more accepted, never more integrated. What the fuck are you 'protesting' about? Toilets?
How about protesting REAL SHIT, such as PUBLIC HANGINGS because of your sexual orientation?

People like you are nothing but rats and cowards. Fake AF pussies who don't give a flying fuck about REAL issues, but just engage in cheap virtue signalling, because it's easier. You are cerebrally slow and lazy, and actual traitors to your so-called causes, because while the US military actually risk their lives for your freedoms, all you can do is defecate in NYC streets in protest of Trump, who hasn't done a single thing to the gay community. Meanwhile gay men dangle from their necks in public squares every fucking weekend in Iran, the country that Obama gave over 100 BILLION US taxpayer's dollars to!

Go fucking cry in your safe space libtard, Trump is here to stay, he's not going anywhere, and if you don't like it, then why don't YOU fuck off, nobody is keeping you here, nobody forces you to stay. You hate your own country and white western civilisation so much, but you're too much of a pussy to go live anywhere else, just like your fake AF celebrities. You are parasites who take the best of their host while trying to weaken them from the inside.
Where's that train to Canada filled with De Niro and his ilk?

hunter said...

Boo Hearne - I like your story and sorry to hear about your neighborhood guy - just because they sell drugs doesn't always make them bad people. Glad to see you're back.

Haywood Jablomee said...

I believe that Omar, the gay drug dealer robbing thief on The Wire was a more groundbreaking character than any other gay and/or black character in the last 30 years.

kolonalkurtz said...

Depeche Model, your post is a good reason why no one who uses the word 'libtard' should ever be taken seriously.

It helps to do basic research before quoting numbers like $100 billion.

Not to mention that whatever bullshit propaganda operation you get your news from doesn't tell you why or how the US owed money to Iran in the first place.

Maybe instead of calling other people idiots, you should check to make sure you are not a fact free moron.

Also, only authoritarians claim that dissenters in a free society "hate their country."

Oh and this:

"You are cerebrally slow and lazy, and actual traitors to your so-called causes, because while the US military actually risk their lives for your freedoms, all you can do is defecate in NYC streets in protest of Trump, who hasn't done a single thing to the gay community."

Is a word salad made from wilted lettuce.

Unknown said...

kolonalkurts: calling you a libtard is not an insult, it's a description. The US government estimates that any number between $65 BILLION and $150 Billion was given to Iran, so mine is just a medium estimate.

The US 'OWED' money to Iran??? For exactly what? Are you drunk, high or both? For sanctions that the fascist Islamic government basically put on themselves for continuous threats against another sovereign state - or actually to be more precise: half a dozen sovereign states!?

You know, you can't just run around, frothing at your mouth, threatening the destruction of other without there being consequences. Did you ignorant peasant know that Iran has an actual national holiday, put in place by the government, called DEATH TO AMERICA DAY? On this day they burn American flags, parade their laughable playmobil weapons in the streets and declare war. Yeah...only peace-loving cuddly pacifists do that shit.

And you think public hangings of gays is propaganda? Are you so retarded you don't know how to use google? Or are you just so cowardly and hypocritical you don't accept truth and reality of what's happening outside of 'evil' America?

Your post said basically nothing. You call yourself a dissenter? LMAO you're a bloody clown. All you do is copy&paste what I wrote and say it's wrong. As I said: cerebrally lazy and slow.

And I'm not an authoritarian, I'm a truth teller. And people like you, who hate the truth, see hate in those who tell it.

Here you are, you lazy dumb motherfucker, some truth:

Unknown said...

Wow. Calling an individual commenter an authoritarian while defending a regime that is nothing but totalitarian!
If the libtard label fits.

kolonalkurtz said...

Depeche Model,

I didn't dispute anything that Iran does or did. I know there are public hangings of gays there. That wasn't the part of you post I was talking about.

So the $150 billion you cite is not the government's estimate of it. It's Trump and some other Republicans bullshit number.

The US owed $400 million that it froze after the Iranian Revolution. That $400 was a down payment for an arms deal that was agreed to by the Shah. After the Shah (A brutal dictator installed and propped up by the US as part of its Cold War geopolitics) was deposed, the US backed out of the deal and froze the funds.

Now that original $400 million was the subject of arbitration between the US and Iran. The two nations agreed to settle away from arbitration. They agreed to a payment of $1.8 billion dollars to account for interest accrued since 1979. Had the arbitration been carried to its conclusion, it is estimated that the US would have owed ateast $4 billion dollars. The Iranians had asked for $10 billion.

The higher number, which is an exaggeration, were also frozen Iranian assets that were freed when sanctions were lifted. Most of it was not even controlled by the US.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

It's rich that you call other people lazy and slow when you just repeat what you heard Trump say rather than check whether it is true.

As far as your for your insalada de la depeche. Let me break the run on sentence down for you:

You call people on the left 'cerebrally slow and lazy traitors to their causes' because the military 'fights for their freedoms' and all they do is 'defecate on the streets of NYC' even though 'Trump didn't do anything to the gay community.'

The first two parts have nothing to do with each other. Are you saying that the right to protest should only be undertaken by military people? Are you saying that they should be protesting a sovereign nation's treatment of LGBTQ?

Speaking of sovereignty, the Iranian Revolution occurred partially because the US backed the coup of a democratically elected government and replaced it with the Shah. The US did this all over the world in the 20th century. If you're going to argue about threats to sovereignty, you should probably get your facts straight about how America has treated other nations' sovereignty.

As far as Trump's treatment of LGBTQ. Here: two seconds to Google it.

And I didn't call America evil. You don't read well, do you? I pointed out that the Right tends to call dissenters anti-American. That is on page 3 of the authoritarian handbook. And here I thought Republicans were for small government.

And you call me lazy? You're an ignorant fuckstick who repeats what people like Bannon and Trump and the Fox News idiots say.


kolonalkurtz said...

I didn't defend the regime. Please quote the part of my post that defended anything Iran did.

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