Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blind Item #8

Apparently the only reason this soon to be reality star got married to an on again/off again reality star/celebrity offspring/not a nice guy/dumb as a box of rocks was because she was promised a reality show if she did. She got it right after.


sandybrook said...

Denise Richards? Is her shit on yet?

Guesser said...

No, the chick that married the Jenner kid,to get on the Bills maybe?

Guesser said...

The Hills! Autocorrect doesn't think Hills is a word.

Isighalot said...

Karlie Kloss?

sandybrook said...

Yeah I think guesser got the thot.

Emma F said...

Jack Osborne!

Countervail said...

Ryan Lochte's new wife?

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