Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #7

October 11, 2018

There are those out there that think the celebrity CEO is cool because he sits around and smokes pot and does plenty of other partying with plenty of other substances. Then, there are investors in a company other than the one he falsely shills for who hate it because his partying loses them huge contracts which are needed to keep the company solvent.

Elon Musk/Space X/Tesla


Chaps said...

And I am one of those people that think he has the body of a pear shaped woman.

News said...

clever man, he looks skimo

Unknown said...

Whenever I hear this egomaniac speak, I always answer the TV screen in Deputy Dawg's voice:

Guesser said...

Now that we know where Grime s is, where are the Cdaners?

sandybrook said...

Way OT: Enty posted on his fb page a little while ago a Twitter post from Selma Blair where she tells us she's been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 😖

IanPhlegming said...

Space X is fake.

Unknown said...

Space Force us farce.

Unknown said...


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