Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

October 9, 2018

I found one thing I agree on with this former A- list mostly television actress. That Hollywood fund which makes bad guys feel good about themselves and does absolutely nothing for anyone except pay a bunch of money for salaries and parties is a waste and a sham. The amount they give out is probably 5% of what they take in.

Rose McGowan/Times Up


VikingSong said...

Just a reminder that Rose McGowan and Asia Argento aren't representative of all women. The majority of the women in #MeToo have never sought a penny from their attackers.

Misogynists operate on a system where it's #notallmen when it comes to rape, paedophilia, domestic violence etc., (and no one has actually said it is all men), but when it comes to scammers lying about rape/DV etc., then it's #allwomenlie.

Just pointing this out before the usual suspect's spew their usual bullshit..

VikingSong said...

No one ever accuses male victims of lying though.

In the UK back in the '90s, a group of men tried to blackmail a closeted TV presenter (MK) by claiming he had raped them. He refused to pay them a penny and so they went to the press. His name was dragged through the mud until one of the accusers admitted they had lied and had been trying to extort money from him. Those from the UK of a certain age will know who I'm talking about. It was big news at the time.

If you think men (yes, not all men) don't lie about rape then you are sadly mistaken..

- said...

Sounds like they had stars in their eyes.

J said...

Racist Viking Song is here to tell us not to believe our lying eyes.

Asia Argento gave a speech at Cannes which received widespread media coverage. Rose McGowan has her own #rosearmy of idiot supporters. These women are the leaders of #metoo. Oh, don't forget the Weinstein accuser who was just tossed from the indictment after writing how she didn't like feeling like Harvey's booty call.

So sad, so full of hate, Viking Song. How I laugh at the man cursed to call you his wife!

Thursday November said...

This is true of all charities.

Rose is upset that the only "award" she has gotten is from a men's magazine and the roles aren't rolling in like she thinks they should be, so now she is doing reality tv.

s.s. said...

Viking Song not true. George Takei's accuser was clearly lying about him, changed his story over the years, had no proof and I and many others called him out for his lies on social media, and Takei is not well-liked at all.

Corey Feldman is also obviously lying, not about being abused, he was, but he lies about the people and circumstances. Many other examples out there...

Stupidpervs said...

+1 ...women have always been attacked for speaking out it's sad and it makes it harder to get to the truth for both sides ..women sympathize with male victims ...guys think oh he's lucky he got banged ..sad world but in the administration it doesn't matter

Stupidpervs said...

+1 ..no they are not ..they inserted themselves because that's what opportunist do and the real victims suffer

J said...

Stupidpervs, I totally get that real victims suffer because of #metoo phonies.

Just like how Harvard could have looked and looked and found someone with real Native American heritage for a law school professorship, but instead hired some European woman clocking in at 0.09%... because they believed any old bullshit she told them.

Meanwhile, Rose and Asia and Mira and Alyssa and all the other casting-couch regretters suck all the oxygen out of the room, and the world grows more skeptical of real assault claims every time one of their phony stories is debunked.

...and racist cretin Viking Song thinks it's all my fault.

VikingSong said...

J, so sad, so full of hatred towards women because he doesn't cut it as a man..

I pity the woman who grew you, who went through horrendous agony and suffering, risking her life giving birth to you, who went through the sleep deprivation and exhaustion of 24/7 breastfeeding etc., while coping with stitches, mastitis and PD, and who wasted the best years of her life raising you. The woman you predominately owe your existence to. What a pity she didn't abort you.

Still, the more you parasites scapegoat and vilify women and mothers, the more nails you hammer into your own coffins. Adios and good riddance. You pigs won't be missed.

VikingSong said...

Also, learn to read. I have said myself that Rose McGowan, Asia Argento and Amber Heard are lying, you obnoxious twat.

J said...

Viking Song, how many hours a day do you dream of aborting people? Euthanizing people? No wonder Mr. Viking Song always sneaks up behind you all lovey-dovey. You may be the most charming person on the planet!

Meanwhile, the sun is shining here, it's glorious October! Work is good, existing projects working out well and learning new interesting stuff (very fortunate for me, since I'm near retirement and still get to do fun things).

Bills paid, health ok, money in the bank. Walls of books to enjoy, ocean view from my front gate.

And I'm not Mr. Viking Song!

Ringo said...

At the end of the day its all about money, power and fame for this narcissistic hollywood crackheads.

They don't give a flying fuck about "normal folk".

TheBPlot said...

Public foundations legally have to give out a minimum of 5 percent annually. The 990 tax filing will be a good read but that doesnt get publicly available until six months after they file it. And they could request an extension.

Thot Crimes said...

Viking, Some women consider raising kids as the best years of their lives. That your spawn don't call you enough, isn't anyone's fault but your own.


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