Sunday, October 21, 2018

Blind Item #5

This former B+ list mostly television actor from a long long long running network show is not telling the whole truth about the incident that got him into the news. Missing from the story is the sex he had with the other person after hooking up on a dating app.


sandybrook said...

This can't be Max Ehrlich from Y&R being stalked by the doctor can it? No way he's B list.

MDAnderson said...

I think this is Max and his weird stalker story. I love CDAN, but lately these ratings have been off. Everyone on a tv show, sings one song, or in a movie is automatically B+\A-.

sandybrook said...

Ikr? Max makes the most sense for this though.

MJ said...

Enty, why don't you post again your ranking list, as to refresh a bit how you do ratings? I guess this Max E. has a prominint role , tough not in a big show, so, that's why the rating?

MJ said...

anywa...the blind says" former"

Youre Tired said...

Seriously. What ever happened to c and d list? Enty’s rankings are laughable

Stupidpervs said...

I thought it was a realtor?

hunter said...

B list television is an apt description of somebody I've never heard of.

Y'all need to relax. It was a shit show last time Enty revealed rankings anyway.

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