Sunday, October 21, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

October 15, 2018

This foreign born A list athlete took three strippers back to his hotel room last night. He just doesn't care about his significant other at all. Apparently he went to a club and started passing out hundred dollar bills until he found three who would hook up with him.

Conor McGregor


sandybrook said...

He was probably the same way when he met her, so as long as she's living large with him, she DGAF

Unknown said...

I wonder if any of these three ladies choked him?

Boo Hearne said...

Downward spiral.

BlissBoo said...

He's so gross. Some women have no self respect. Sad.

mercyprosperity said...

Pres. Trump's grandfather was running 'that kind of hotel'... back around turn of the century 1900, in California.
Surely you don't consider a married man having a little extramarital fun in a hotel, to be unusual?

BRAD PITT said...

Conor is a coward, he was talking tough one night in a bar and the next day the irish police told him a drug cartel connected family were looking for him so he had to leave ireland like a good little boy

aww poor little Conor

Sd Auntie said...

And that's why he lost. Undisciplined Athletes never win.

Unknown said...

Khabib beat him like the dog that he is, and he'll do it again

kfitz said...

Dee Devlin has been with him for many years, way before his MMA career took off.

Unknown said...

All three probably could have if they felt like it.

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