Monday, December 03, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 26, 2018

This permanent A list singer who had his best days a few decades ago still fronts the band that made him famous. He says he was intentionally poisoned by someone posing as a caterer who left immediately after administering it in some food.

Axl Rose


Brayson87 said...

As opposed to all the various poisons he willingly took.

yepthatsme said...

But why?

sandybrook said...

Axl's going to have a hard time finding which enemy of his tried to kill him.

notthisagain said...

plot twist: IT WAS THE 80s HAIRBAND, POISON!

Truthseeker said...

My grandchildren are named Axel and Rose. My son liked the name Axel, but while a fan of metal, not really a fan of GnR. His wife insisted on adding the e to his name because elsewise she said, it looked like they were being lazy. lol. when Rose came along they were just like. We have to.
Thank GOD she was a girl, their other choices for boys, were leonidis, Ezio or Slash.. ;)

Nobody said...

Hillary Clinton

AkhaldanSolo said...

Guns = Penis

Roses = Male sphincter

Now you know!

AkhaldanSolo said...

I don't even wanna know what was going through their mind when they named Axl

Unknown said...

Axl has been acting a little too Republican asking questions about money, to people who claim GNR selling out stadiums around the world is not generating the money, after reasonable expenses, than has been reported. And with Duff having a semister if community college accounting, Axl has a financial mind to confirm his suspicions.

So certainly these people tried to kill Axl. Through through deductive logic, Axl Deductive logic, the only reasonable culprit is Donald Trump.

My guess.

Or it was one of the many women who where raped and beaten by Axl, got revenge.

Either way, Axl Rose is still mentally deranged and unlikeable. Another Hoosier embarrassment.

Kimberlee Morreale said...

@AkhaldanSolo his given name is William.

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TommyWantsHisMommy said...

Good band 30 years ago. Now they are kind of old and crusty. November Rain, Civil War and Don't Cry are still musical masterpieces. I've read all the AXL (3 letters) blinds...coke//women// I think the dude had a tough childhood, so i cut him some slack. As JT says..what goes around comes back around.

Unknown said...

Axl Rose named his 1st band AXL and friends suggested he use it as a first name.
Also I have a friend named Axel who is German. The name Axel is Scandinavian and means "My Father is Peace" and just from the short wiki read, that he chose Axel is extremely ironic.

Unknown said...

Axl rose grew up middle class in Lafayette Indiana. He was a church kid that has a great family. After being involved in drugs, then beating and raping a few girls, he ran away from warrants to Los Angeles.

His hard life involved making bizarre and nonsensical accusations against his family, that has destroyed their lives. He is a great and tortured artists, that is a mentally deranged individual.

Kimberley said...

@Unknown - One of the managers at the publishing company where I worked was called Axel; he was Austrian. He was tall, handsome, charming and very affable, really nice guy. I remember getting him to talk to a German customer on the office phone (I knew some German but not enough) and he kindly did.

Mr Selfdestruct UK said...

Just to add what record label are they on David Geffen!!!!!
Dead rock stars sell more
John Lennon
Andy Wood
Kurt Cobain
Amy Winehouse
Chris Cornell

All on DGC or interscope
Axel next?

longtimereader said...

Perhaps someone put a chilli up his ass like he used to do with groupies and then enjoy watching then cry in pain?

DWelsh said...

Bloody hell, you just need to do do a quick google search to get Axl's history, Going down this rapist rabbit hole with zero evidence is a bit silly,


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