Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 3, 2019

This B+ list here foreign born all female group recently canceled a gig because it wasn't worth it to them financially even though it screwed over thousands upon thousands of fans. The reality show formed band still got paid ad it will be up to the promoter to make things right with the fans.

Little Mix


Sarton Bander said...

B list here in Blighty too.

sandybrook said...

They are the least attractive girl group I think I've ever seen.

Cee Kay said...

IF they actually got paid and didn't show, that's one dumb promoter.

astra worthington said...

Hahaha Sandy, I agree!

chase_robertson said...


Manuél Bun said...

the girls from lil mix will be performing on lil trix tours in the very near future if they're willing to let actual fans of their lil blips of careers down like this so early on in the game

sam said...

@sandybrook Perrie Edwards & Jade Thirlwall are gorgeous, what are you talking about?

La-Juice said...

I don't blame them. In the 1990s was backstage once with P-Funk All Stars: the venue sat 5,000+ the tickets were $80.00 each for the cheap seats. The line up was P-Funk, Morris Day and the Time & a third band who I cannot recall. Half hour before show is to start there seems to be a ruckus of some sort. People are whispering and angry.

Promoter walks up to George, hands him a check for $5,000.00- that was the headliner's cut for the evening. the total payout for all of P-Funk.

George and P-Funk threaten to walk, won't headline for that pittance. Lots of chaos, people shuttling back and forth between promoter and the P-Funk team. 2 hours later the crowd is mad as a hell, and Promoter comes back and says to either hit the stage or Morris Day and the Time will headline the show. P-Funk walked.

Morris Day and the Time took that shitty pay out and fucked a fellow band.

Crowd not happy. Somewhere Prince was saying "I TOLD YOU SO. MORRIS DAY CANNOT BE TRUSTED"


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