Thursday, June 20, 2019

Blind Item #1

That very very recent Oscar winner/nominee is trying to carry water for that latest installment of a franchise he is filming. The thing is though, when he says that the script is amazing or words to that effect, everyone knows he is lying because no other person in the movie has read the script because it is still a work in progress. 


Nma said...

Rami malek

Unknown said...

Rami Malek in the new James Bond folm

TeeHee@U said...

Ummm....DC has filmed scenes (despite being shut down) so I think they have an overview/ idea on their pitch to Rami and his team what his role is going to be.

Also...surprised you are no longer saying closeted about Rami, ENTY. LOL

Strawberry Kiwi said...

Has to be Rami Malek as various sites have him quoted that he’s filmed scenes and stating the film is in no way doomed despite accidents, injury and rumours the script is being rewritten on the fly. Also hasn’t Daniel Craig been previously vocal about being very over playing Bond?

longtimereader said...

Apart from the first one, all of the Craig Bond movies have been s***.

longtimereader said...

Roger Moore was by far the best Bond because he understood the inherent ridiculousness of the role and played it for arch humour.

Unknown said...

Roger was great, but I Pierce was best. He had better scripts for most of Pierce's movies as bond though. He understood the camp side of it

Brayson87 said...

+1 longtime, I try to avoid new Bond movies now.

And Connery was king.

notthisagain said...

We all know Rami Malek will tell any lie for his career. This is just another example.Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux have ALL said they haven’t seen the script as recently as this week.

Malek was dispatched to do a late night ‘presser’ with barely 6 members of the press there. It was pretty obvious called together at the last minute before the Fukanawga PlayStation headline hit the next morning. It was under the guise of Mr Robot session but had nothing to do w/Robot and everything to do w/being sent to do damage control for Bond.

Not only did he lie saying the script was ‘extremely clever’ but he told an even bigger lie about how he ‘already shot scenes’ - he hasnt. His double has. Malek is a big fan of lying by omission only. It’s gross how many ppl think this guy is earnest & honest when he lies so much off screen and w/such ease

Angela said...

The reason for which Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes or Ben Whishaw haven't read the script is because they're signed for multiple episodes in the franchise, and they will get the usual couple of scenes with Bond.
The reason for which Léa Seydoux hasn't read the script is because her character will be killed or split with Bond early in the film. She has other films in her schedule during summer, and Ana de Armas will be the main James Bond girl in it (they hired an intimacy coach for scenes between Craig and her).
Rami Malek may not have read a full version of the script, but he was definitely described the character and what he's supposed to do in his scenes, because they had to make a deal with him over this very film. So, its likely that, like de Armas or Lashana Lynch, they showed him a draft of some of his scenes in order to sign him.

Then, there's some overhyping, but it happens in every production. It would be hypocritical to specifically blame Malek for something actors have been asked to do for decades.

notthisagain said...


lmaooooo. all the excuses you just described for those other castmembers not getting the script are absolute bullshit.

"It would be hypocritical to specifically blame Malek for something actors have been asked to do for decades."

nobody said Malek was the only liar in hollywood....

Angela said...

These are not excuses, this is standard procedure in film production. Many films don't start production with a script set in stone, and producers always ask for rewrites. One of the most celebrated Moore films, The Spy Who Loved Me, actually had a ton of rewrites, including during production, and tabloids would then label it as doomed. It turned out to be their biggest hit in many years.

Also, many elements are difficult to change when production starts in big budget movies. Parts of the script can be rewritten, but around the existing action sequences, because it took them months to get permits and tax cuts to shoot on location in a foreign country, and this stuff is storyboarded to death. They also have stunts to rehearse, and there's little room for impro.

Otherwise, singling out Malek for hyping the new project he's involved with is just plain stupidity. It would be indeed easier to make a list of people who don't sugarcoat the projects they work on.

BRAD PITT said...

Rami Malek character has the grisliest death in 007 history

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