Thursday, June 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 9, 2019

Dear Permanent Sunglasses Wearer,

How come you didn't fact check that claim by the foreign born former A+ list tweener turned adult mess about his sex claim. I can think of three women off the top of my head who would disagree with his claim, including the one who was presumably next to him during the interview.

Love & Bacon,


Anna Wintour/Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin


Brayson87 said...

This interview or a more recent one?

J said...

So Wintour is expecting Bieber's child?

sandybrook said...

Maybe Anna thought putting a featured kiss-ass piece of them in Vogue would help sell more magazines Entern? It's not like Vogue kicks ass in sales volumes anymore.

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Now! said...

@Sandybrook, you're right that Vogue (like all print magazines) is having sales troubles.

Young people get their fashion tips from Instagram, not Vogue, and advertisers that used to buy pages in Vogue would rather spend their money on sponsored posts.

My guess is that Vogue, like Kneepads, is now pay-to-play. That would explain the fawning article on Priyanka Chopra a few issues ago too.

It would also explain why Meghan Markle is the "guest editor" of September's Vogue UK.

sandybrook said...

I think so too Nutty, most of the celebrity mags seem to be like that now. PR firms technically do "product placement" for their clients now.

HushHush said...

Some Ad agency's are very fashion focused. It's annoying when you have wardrobe stylists who do their thing all day, everyday, and may have gone to school for it, are being second guessed by marketing people, who aren't wardrobe stylists. Especially when it flashes by at half a second.
Sorry, rant over.

Krissie said...

Since when does Vogue fact check??

Fifi LaRue said...

As per example, Allure magazine is almost 99% product placement.

Bubbles said...

Since when does Vogue fact check? Since always as they're not constantly in court being sued for printing false shit!


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